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What is the maximum number of multisigaddresses you can create? [duplicate]

I have created a few multisig addresses, and just tried to create a 2 of 3 address, but it returned with the 'AddCScript() failed' error. What is the maximum number of m-sig addresses and where is ...
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How can I create a multi signature 2-of-3 transaction?

Can somebody help me with step-by-step list of how to create a multi signature 2-of-3 transaction?
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Will SegWit allow for m of n multisig with very large n and m?

By reading this answer, I understand that in m-of-n multisig addresses, m and n are limited by the maximum size allowed by the P2SH redeemScript (i.e. 520 bytes). However, in this section of BIP141, ...
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Multisig vs Multi input transaction signing

Let's say we have a 2 of 2 multisig address that we want to spend from, so the transaction should be signed by both of the private keys. Now let's say we have a transaction with two inputs, so once ...
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Multiple Addresses in one UTXO

The 'decoderawtransaction' RPC method of the Bitcoin-QT client gives a JSON object with an array of addresses in each UTXO. For example, when I run: decoderawtransaction "...
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Blockchain Tools for Voting Among Small Groups?

I am considering starting a new co-op based business. Since the business will be member-owned, it would be nice to launch the business with a voting tool. I want to be able to propose items to the co-...
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Possible number of signers with MuSig

With multisig, up to 20 signatures may be used in a threshold signature scheme (What are the limits of m and n in m-of-n multisig addresses?). As far as I understand, there should be no hard-coded ...
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Create Multiple Output transactions with Bitcoin Core

I am new to multiple output transactions with bitcoind and I want to learn how to implement them. Let's say I want to create 2-3 addresses and send 1 btc to the generated addresses. If I want to ...
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Are multi-sig M-of-N transactions with N > 3 supported?

BIP 11 makes M-of-N multi-sig transactions standard --- for N <= 3. What is the current support among miners for the multi-sig transactions with N > 3? (say 3-of-6). Also, BIP 11 states: The ...
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Help understanding OP codes on multisig redeem script (hex)

I was reading this gist and am not sure I am understanding/reading the hex of the multisig's redeem script correctly (line 14). It is: ...
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How exactly does BIP11 work, and how can it be used, particularly with/without P2SH?

I'm trying to write a BIP11-compliant C# client that creates a 2 of 2 or 2 of 3 transaction. I'm also trying to understand if a 3 of 3 transaction is supported as well. This example says they are ...
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Multi-signature transactions: Address based? What is the limit?

As I understand them, multisig transactions are actually transactions from multisig addresses (addresses requiring n sigs). Is this correct? (in other words, "multi-sig transactions" == "...
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What % of the network will mine multi-sig transactions where n > 3?

I'm trying to determine how likely it is for multi-sigs with n > 3 are to be mined. Whether this is a sub-set of miners (say 10%) or if you need to relay them to some specific nodes.
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CHECKMULTISIGVERIFY with public key hashes?

Is it possible to create a script that implements m of n pay to public key hash neatly? One way to do it would be to make use of OP_IF. But, that's not neat. CHECKMULTISIGVERIFY can implement m of n, ...
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Can a block have multiple coinbase transactions? Also is there a limit to the number of signatures a multi-sig transaction has or requires? [closed]

I am wondering if a block can be created with multiple coinbase transactions. The US government regulates mining pools that have control over the miner's wallets, so it would be fabulous if this could ...
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