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Blockchain Address gap limit solution

I want to use blockchain API for my store but the wallet only monitoring last 20 generated address. Quote from As defined in BIP 44, wallet software will ...
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Building an blockchain address monitoring service. Best way to monitor an address for bitcoin and other altcoins?

I'm looking to build a blockchain address monitoring service for bitcoin and other altcoins. What is the best way to monitor a bunch of addresses for incoming/outgoing transactions? Currently I ...
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Integrate Bitcoin node RPC with website API

I am currently using however with their "low" tag fee transactions are still $2+ and they do not offer a way to set custom withdraw fees in their API. I'm not too sure what my options are ...
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Bitcoin Transaction within source code

I am messing with the Bitcoin sourcecode. Normally when you want to send some BTC you type : ./bitcoind sendtoaddress 1ADRESSS 0.001 How would you do this in the sourcecode on a recurring basis? ...
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How to run a python script when occur incoming transaction in Bitcoin core 0.18?

I want to run a python script when occur an incoming transaction. I think set zapwallettxes flag in bitcoin.conf but I don't know where set the script path to execute. Is it possible to execute ...
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How can I track bitcoin transaction(I am receiving) programatically? [duplicate]

Building something where I will be getting bitcoins in my bitcoin address, so is there a way I can keep track and know who sent me bitcoin?
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How to check if a bitcoin address received a new transaction programmatically?

How can I check if a bitcoin address received a new transaction programmatically? Here is an example of the API call, but I can't figure out how to get the value of the new transation in API response:...
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Bitcoind daemon get received notifications by public address

For my project I need to check the balance of a public address using bitcoind. Can I do that without importing the private key, only by public address? Need solution no dependence, because I tried ...
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How to properly monitor incoming transactions for a specific address with bitcoin-cli?

I would like to monitor incoming transactions for a single address using bitcoin-cli listreceivedbyaddress 1 false false <myaddress> My problem is the returned array will become longer and ...
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Monitor a bunch of addresses for deposits

I have a situation where I create one address per user through GetNewAddress(User.Id) So, in the end, I have a lot of addresses to monitor, to see if any user has deposited money. I can do something ...
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NBitcoin how can I get notify when I receive coins?

I something like onCoinReceived in bitcoinj Example with bitcoinj
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How to check whether bitcoin is deposited or not with RPC API?

I am developing a new feature in my website that raises a user's level when they deposit to a new bitcoin address. Using RPC API, I was successful in creating a new wallet address and printing it on ...
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