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Possible Duplicate: Are there any studies into the size of the blockchain scaling over time? Hi folks, I have a theoretical question. Since the blockchain stores all bitcoin transactions, does ...
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Will the blockchain get too large? [duplicate]

As the entire blockchain gets much larger, it will be impractical for ordinary users to maintain all of it. Will it be maintained by a diminishing number of powerful systems, and would that create an ...
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Bitcoin blockchain size practicality [duplicate]

I am exploring this Bitcoin thing and yesterday installed the Bitcoin-Qt. The first thing that I noted, is that the after syncing with the network that took me 12 hours, the database grew to 13GB. I ...
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Armory takes 8 Hours to sync. Is it going to get worse as Bitcoin becomes more popular? [duplicate]

I have been experimenting with Bitcoin and I installed Armory wallet. It told me that it would take approximately 8 hours to sync the worldwide ledger. My question is, as Bitcoin gets more popular, ...
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What happens with wallet synchronization when blockchain gets infinitely large? [duplicate]

Bitcoin-Qt initial sync can take a day to complete. You should make sure that you have enough bandwidth and storage for the full blockchain size. What happens with wallet synchronization when ...
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What happens when Bitcoin's blockchain grows to 1 Terabyte in size? [duplicate]

If bitcoin is to succeed surely the blockchain design has to be redone. Are there any other cyrptocurrencies with a different blockchain design than bitcoin?
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How big will the block chain become?

How big can the block chain become? It's already 7 GB after a couple years!
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Scalability problem: is the end of Bitcoin near?

I was reading in Wikipedia that the blockchain can only handle around 7 transactions per second: With the soft fork for SegWi, I can imagine ...
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Can blockchain size become a blocker for bitcoin adoption?

When I run bitcoin-qt, I noticed that it is taking lot of time to download recent blocks. It gives me impression that the more transactions, the bigger the blockchain. Even today the download is ...
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Do transactions get slower over time?

The number of blocks formed is 1 every 10 minutes. As the number of transactions increase, wouldn't the time taken for a transaction to confirm become slower? I am asking this because this the number ...
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Is there a (potential) "Blockchain size problem", and what solutions are available?

As more and more Bitcoin transactions are produced, the growth of the Blockchain may well, one day, become a problem for systems which want (need?) to store the whole blockchain. Storage usage Client ...
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Can transactions scale sufficiently to compensate the diminishing block reward by fees?

Today, the bitcoin network is secured by massive computing power, which is expended in the process of mining. The miners are rewarded by newly mined bitcoins, plus transactions fees. The security of ...
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