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How secure is zero confirmations?

I sent a small amount of BTC to someone and she was notified within seconds. But the first confirmation did not happen for ten minutes or so. What is the chance that this transaction could fail ...
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What is necessary for a Hotel to accept Bitcoin as a payment method?

I manage a hotel and the owner is interested in using Bitcoin as a payment option. How can we start to use this option and what will we need? There are multiple hotels he owns and would like to ...
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Double Spending before confirmation [duplicate]

What's to prevent someone from using bitcoin at a store like subway and double spending to buy the sandwich before a confirmation is made? Since subway obviously isn't going to wait for a ...
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It's possible to spend a BTC without fee to forge a payment?

I would like to know if it is possible to make a transaction without fee (probably this transaction will never be confirmed) and some time later to take this money back and spend in another ...
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How do BTC payments work at real-world shops? [duplicate]

At CoinMap, I can find several coffee- and other brick-and-mortar shops that apparently accept bitcoin payments. How do these transactions work? Do I have to stand at the counter for 10 minutes and ...
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How would a restaurant accept Bitcoin?

How would a customer pay either the whole bill, or just the tip in Bitcoin? What technology is best suited for this? (pay by barcode) Must the waiter have an iPhone wallet as well? How would the ...
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Is Bitcoin suitable for fast transactions, eg in shops?

Let's say all usability problems were solved. I'm imagining something like shops with tills that present QR codes for the amount and payment address for a transaction, and mobile clients exist that ...
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Get notified of incoming Bitcoin transaction, as soon as it broadcasted

After a few weeks of searching for an answer, I decided to ask here. I want to accept a Bitcoin payment, to a specific wallet, and immediately, when the user approved the payment, to receive an ...
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How Long to Verify Payment?

I wish to allow people to purchase items at my shop using bitcoin. I've heard however that blocks take 10 minutes on average to process and transactions may not even be processed in the next block if ...
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Should we wait 10 minutes to confirm a transaction [duplicate]

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Does a vendor have to wait 10 minutes before a transaction is confirmed? [duplicate]

I understand that a Bitcoin transaction, by design, will get one confirmation after an average of 10 minutes. Does that mean that a vendor that accepts Bitcoins will have to wait 10 minutes for a ...
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