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How do bitcoin nodes initially find peers? [duplicate]

In all materials related to bitcoin, the people talk about the p2p bitcoin network. OK, but there should be a central server that connects the peers to each one. Like the torrent sites. The torrents ...
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How does bitcoin find peers? [duplicate]

I've seen a few questions about this already and they talk in generalities. I'm talking about specifics. If I start the bitcoin client from scratch, where in the source code does it actually add nodes....
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How does bitcoind find p2p hosts? [duplicate]

I read the bitcoin references but I can't find a description regarding how bitcoin clients find other host in the p2p network. Would you please tell me?
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Where does bitcoin-qt try to connect to when running for the first time? [duplicate]

My question is, where does bitcoin-qt try to connect to when running for the first time? How does it know where to connect? Is some domain that has discovery services? If yes, then ...
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When I make a transaction, how is it broadcasted to other clients? [duplicate]

It's a really nooby question, and with no doubt asked before, but if someone could tell me a)how are other clients found b)how is the information send to them (please explain in a simple way, ...
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How does a new node know where to connect to initially? [duplicate]

Is there a default (centralized) set of IPs that a node connects to when it's just starting up for the first time, in order to get the list of other nodes' Ips? What happens if these initial IPs are ...
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What is the Bitcoin network? [duplicate]

This is a beginners question related to bitcoin. As bitcoin is a system of distributed bitcoin users, and a transaction is being sent to 'all' of them - well, what is that network? What IP adresses? ...
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How bitcoin daemon search nodes to connect? [duplicate]

How bitcoin daemon search nodes to connect? What file in github responsible for this? How they often change? How is the veracity of the data of these nodes checked? Bitcoin daemon have function not ...
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How are transactions broadcast to the rest of the network?

If a person sends a transaction to another person, and Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer application, how will the transaction get to the rest of the Bitcoin community? How does everyone have the same ...
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How does the bitcoin client make the initial connection to the bitcoin network?

Once the bitcoin client is connected to a machine (or multiple machines) on the bitcoin network, they can share information (e.g. the block-chain, IP addresses of other nodes, etc). I understand how ...
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How do Bitcoin nodes know where to send new transactions and blocks to?

I am researching Bitcoin; what I can't find much information on though is how the P2P network itself operates. For example, BitTorrent uses a DHT protocol that allows for node discovery and ...
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How does a bitcoin transaction enter the network?

I am trying to understand Bitcoin at a more fundamental level. I'd like to know how a new transaction enters and propagates across the network? I've read many Bob and Alice type scenarios where it's ...
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How is Bitcoin truly decentralized?

Whenever Bitcoins are discussed, one generally reads how "Bitcoins are decentralized. No company nor state controls them". My question is, how is this statement true when you read about how Bitcoin ...
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If bitcoin is decentralized then who keeps track of computers in network

I keep hearing that bitcoin is decentralized i.e. no single entity owns it. And each computer which is part of bitcoin network keeps the copy of ledger. My question is who keeps track of all ...
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How do miners communicate in Bitcoin/ Decentralized Network?

1.)If there is no central authority maintaining database how miners differentiate among other miners. 2.)Do they have there own database which have details(Mac/IP address) of neighbouring miners . 3....
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