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How do nodes fetch unconfirmed transactions?

I'm taking up a project to build a software in python to mine cryptocurrency (preferably bitcoin). I have an overview of the computation that needs to be done. I would like to know how nodes fetch ...
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how do bitcoin nodes detect a transaction?

I have a number of question about bitcoin but I was ask to do specific research on two questions and I figured this would be a good place to start. The first I have answered already the second is: &...
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How bitcoin daemon search nodes to connect? [duplicate]

How bitcoin daemon search nodes to connect? What file in github responsible for this? How they often change? How is the veracity of the data of these nodes checked? Bitcoin daemon have function not ...
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How does bitcoin core establish a peer to peer network

I've tried to look for an answer to this online and haven't found any. My question is: how does bitcoin establish a peer to peer network. Establishing a centralized network with a server in the middle ...
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What is the Bitcoin network? [duplicate]

This is a beginners question related to bitcoin. As bitcoin is a system of distributed bitcoin users, and a transaction is being sent to 'all' of them - well, what is that network? What IP adresses? ...
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How do miners communicate in Bitcoin/ Decentralized Network?

1.)If there is no central authority maintaining database how miners differentiate among other miners. 2.)Do they have there own database which have details(Mac/IP address) of neighbouring miners . 3....
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How does Bitcoin Core manage its peer nodes? Is it possible to let it automatically switch to faster nodes?

It's usually frustrating when my Bitcoin Core full node is syncing, especially just catching up from merely several hours/days ago. I wonder how does Bitcoin Core manage its peers? Will it disconnect ...
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Who is a first miner that receive a transaction from end-user?

This is a First Question. As you already know, the blockchain like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a software program based on peer to peer network system. so I am wondering that who is a first miner that ...
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How does a new node know where to connect to initially? [duplicate]

Is there a default (centralized) set of IPs that a node connects to when it's just starting up for the first time, in order to get the list of other nodes' Ips? What happens if these initial IPs are ...
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How do my bitcoin peers become diversified from the set of stable nodes?

I read through a variety of threads on initial peer discovery like How do Bitcoin clients find each other? and How does the bitcoin client make the initial connection to the bitcoin network? and they ...
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Where do transactions get sent?

Related: how do transactions get to miners, but I'm looking for a slightly (and only slightly) more technical discussion. Say I download a lightweight bitcoin client and set up a wallet on machine A. ...
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From where does a node download a copy of the ledger

From where does a node download the latest copy of ledger initially? Is this information stored in a 'central server'? Let's say a node is offline for a while, after coming back how will the node get ...
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How can Blockchain help to vote?

I have seen in some videos and blogs that Blockchain can be used in our election voting system for example here: Another company working on creating a platform that uses Blockchain technology to ...
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If bitcoin is decentralized then who keeps track of computers in network

I keep hearing that bitcoin is decentralized i.e. no single entity owns it. And each computer which is part of bitcoin network keeps the copy of ledger. My question is who keeps track of all ...
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General Block Chain questions / Js Block Chain [closed]

First of all. I'm very new to block chain technology so please forgive any noob questions. So I'm going a lot on the following tutorial on youtube regarding the knowledge that I do have other than ...
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