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Blockchain SHA256 hash and nonce [duplicate]

I have been reading the SHA256 hash creation with a random nonce. So, my understanding is every miner would pull uncommited transactions and would try to create a Hash of the transactions with a ...
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Bitcoin Mining Computational Power [duplicate]

1/ I do not understand why bitcoin mining is random when hashing is deterministic. reference : Can the mining pool with the most mining power always win? What value ...
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Can the mining pool with the most mining power always win? [duplicate]

Suppose we have three mining pools, one with 40% of computing power, and the other two having 30% of computing power each. Will the node with 40% power, be able to solve the puzzle for each node ...
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how bitcoin mining works [duplicate]

The way I understand mining is that you hash the previous block hash with the new transaction files and a variable to get certain amount of zero in the hash. So the stronger your hash power is the ...
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Noob question about mining [duplicate]

I'm not interesting in mining myself, just interested in the topic. I understand that you can still get bitcoin by contributing computation power to a pool (a company) Does only one person/company ...
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If has the highest hash rate, then why is it not the only pool prodcuing the blocks? [duplicate]

with respect to : pool seems to have the highest hashpower of 5648.00 PH/s[as per] .Then how is it that other pools are also able find the ...
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What exactly determines how long it takes a given miner to mine 1 btc block? (not talking about hashrate) [duplicate]

So given the number of miners out there working on doing the same thing and that 1 block is mined every 10 minutes, it would appear at face value that only those with the highest hashrates would ever ...
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What exactly is Mining?

I have heard that mining is for people with ready hardware and blah blah blah... But what exactly is it? Does it operate like real mining? I mean, people talk about it like you are physically mining.
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What is the coinbase?

I searched the bitcoin wiki and found references to coinbase, but no clear cut explanation of what exactly it is. I know that miners can tag their coinbases (that is how some sites tell who mined a ...
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How cooperative or competitive is the mining process?

As each miner works out which nonces it has tried, does it notify the network so that energy isn't wasted on re-processing the same thing by each node? Or is it totally competitive with everyone for ...
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Is it common for mining effort to be lost?

If many parties are mining to try to establish a block, and one succeeds, does that mean the efforts of the other miners (whose blocks have at least some common transactions) are lost; the time and ...
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If a lot of miners start at nonce 0, how are there no ties?

I understand what happens with ties (in the long term, the longest chain wins), however, if a majority of miners start with a nonce of zero, does it just matter who has the fastest hardware, or is ...
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Does each miner in a bitcoin mining pool have a chance to win the block reward?

Suppose there is mining pool XYZ. 10 miners, 1 through 10, are subscribed to it and miners have varying hash power. Some have 10 GPU mining rigs, while others have just a single CPU running 24 hours a ...
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What's to stop someone from making a ton of mining nodes as an attack method?

My understanding is that if two miners make a block by completing a hash at the same time, it is then up to the miners to decide which is going to be 'accepted' by vote of which block reaches 51% of ...
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How does a Bitcoin block get generated and 'agreed upon' by everyone?

When a set of new transactions is broadcast to all the Bitcoin mining pools, my understanding is that they all start working on a new block to include all those transactions. But how is it agreed ...
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