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What is the mathematics behind the maximum number of 21 million bitcoins that can be generated? [duplicate]

How is this number 21 million bitcoins arrived at? What is the mathematics behind this number? Or is this number a constant that can be changed in the source code?
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How many bitcoins will there eventually be?

Since bitcoins are being regularly rewarded to miners, will the number of bitcoins continue to grow indefinitely, or will there be a maximum total number of bitcoins in existence? And if there is ...
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What will happen to mining after the 20 999 999th Bitcoin?

After the 21 millionth bitcoin or 20,999,999th bitcoin is mined, what will happen to bitcoin mining? - will it just stop, or will we make a further division of the satoshi thanks to Bitcoin's infinite ...
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Why can’t the genesis block coinbase be spent?

According to the bitcoin wiki: The first 50BTC block reward went to address 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa, though this reward can't be spent due to a quirk in the way that the genesis block is ...
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Will all 21 million units be completely mined one day?

It is written that the supply of Bitcoin units is limited to 21 million and that this limit will approximately have been reached around the year 2030. But is there an actual "last Bitcoin" (or "last ...
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What happens when a miner does not claim all fees/generated coins?

Suppose that a miner for some reason has the generation transaction of their blocks not take all the possible coins. This can happen for a variety of reasons, almost all of which are bugs: An off-by-...
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How many bitcoins are there currently in circulation?

Where do I find the total number of bitcoins currently out there?
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Can someone explain this weird mining activity?

I can't figure why this block has 0 coinbase with 0 transactions... however still a valid block? Or it it empty? According to whalepanda this coinbase was sacrificed by unknown miner. See the block ...
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Where is the bitcoin source code is the 21 million hard cap stated?

I'd like to be able to see the 21,000,000 number.
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How to calculate coin supply at each block height from all transactions?

We are working on a small project and imported all block information to mongoDB. Right now we're aiming to calculate the coin supply regarding to the block number. My plan is to loop through all ...
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How do you calculate when 98% of Bitcoin will be mined?

Trying to find a calculation to work out what year will an arbitrary percentage of bitcoin will be mined, specifically 98%. I know it takes 10 minutes to mine 1 block but unsure how to use this? Thank ...
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Verifying Block 124724

Just for my own educational purposes, I'm writing something that verifies the blocks on the blockchain. I had in my code this line: assert coinbase_amount == block_reward + total_tip And it succeeded ...
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Why does Bitcoin block 526,591 have a 6.25 (instead of 12.5) block reward? It's an empty block (zero transactions), but the coinbase ...
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Why was BIP34 (Block v2, Height in Coinbase) not implemented via the coinbase tx's locktime or nSequence?

At some point in 2011/12 miners started using custom mining algorithms ignoring the best practise to mine to a different new public key (hash) for each subsequent block. This lead to a lack of ...
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Who decides the block reward in Bitcoin?

I know that when a miner mines a block, he will be rewarded with some bitcoins. But who decides how much bitcoin he will get? If it is decided by all the miners (as they are the ones verifying ...
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Why would a Bitcoin miner take less than the full reward?

In "Mastering Bitcoin", the author notes (source): The maximum number of coins mined is the upper limit of possible mining rewards for bitcoin. In practice, a miner may intentionally mine a block ...
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What happens to a coinbase transaction when no address is given?

The transaction block This coin base transaction has no valid address for reward. Did we lose that reward bitcoin forever?
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Don't understand fees on a particular bitcoin block

I am comparing and contrasting blocks 200000 and 164246 of the bitcoin blockchain (looking via the bitcoind api or is fine). Looking at ...
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Is there a 'command' to get the max supply of bitcoin that will ever exist using the bitcoin-cli?

I would like to know if there a way('command') to know what is the max supply of bitcoin using my own node without trusting a third party. Also if anyone could explain to me why : bitcoin-cli ...
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relating the UTXO set to the total supply of bitcoins

If the number of Bitcoins in the UTXO is always equal to the number of mined Bitcoins See: How is a wallet's balance computed? then why do the number of bitcoins mined depicted here: https://...
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Can a miner refuse it's reward? [duplicate]

As of 2014, miners that successfully mine a block are entitled to 25 bitcoins. Can miners refuse to receive those 25 bitcoins, thereby reducing the total number of bitcoins that will ever be mined?
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How does market cap of currency decrease?

According to my knowledge, once a currency is mined, its already released so how does market cap change? Consider if Sathosi (the founder of bitcoin) sells all his 1 million coins, there will be ...
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Sum of block values not zero?

Take for e.g. block 163440. The amount paid out in the coinbase transaction is not reward+fees. Does the network not require blocks to have a sum of zero for all transactions + block reward? ...
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How do fees get processed in bitcoin? (protocol question)

If the fee isn’t written into the ledger, and it’s just the difference between the input transaction amount and the output transaction amount, how does the miner prove he has access in his wallet to ...
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Genesis block coinbase transaction without confirmations

Why the coinbase transaction, comming from the genesis block, don't have confirmations? All the others coinbase transactions have confirmations, but not in the Genesis block.
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Will mining be viable after the halving?

So I don't understand the halving very well, will miners just make half as much? Will the price double or the difficulty change? Will bitcoin mining just become so hard it ceases to be cost effective? ...
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What is MaxBTC and what it represents?

I am trying to understand what is the phrase "MaxBTC" and for what is it used? I am new to bitcoins. Thank you very much.
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Is there any tool to check sum of all BTC based on transactions?

Is there any tool to check sum of all BTC based on transactions? We can easily get this amonut by sum up mining rewards, but what about sum up all non zero wallet balances?
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Is it technically possible to change the total amount of Bitcoin?

Also, is it possible to change the reward cycle duration or the number of mining- reward coins?
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How are there over 18M bitcoins when the reward halves every 210,000 bitcoins?

A quick google search told me that up to today, more than 18.78 million bitcoins have been mined. Source Another google search told me that today, the mining reward is 6.25 bitcoin per block. If the ...
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How to calculate circulating supply of coins in Bitcoin?

I am not able to understand how circulating supply is calculated by websites like CoinGecko. What does circulating supply mean here - is it the number of coins already minted? If so, how is that ...
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Get the historic circulated suppy

I'm looking for the historic circulated supply of Bitcoin. I'm aware I can get the current supply by creating my own node. But I need the supply at a given date. Does anyone know of an API to get it....
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Does's "totalbc" API value account for "lost" Bitcoins?

totalbc - Total Bitcoins in circulation (delayed by up to 1 hour]) Source: 1865520600000000 It seems like it actually gives the value in ...
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