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Will people not spending their Bitcoin cause Bitcoin to fail? [duplicate]

Everyone I know that owns Bitcoin (including myself) seems to plan to sit on it until it becomes widely accepted/used and the price sky rockets to a ridiculously high value (100000 dollars each). It's ...
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Does buying bitcoins and not spending them have negative influence of the bitcoin price? [duplicate]

I'm curios whether stock investing behavior have negative infect on the price of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Since popular delusion is that the crypto is like a stock where you buy coins ...
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Will deflation destroy Bitcoin?

With the limited total quantity of bitcoins, and people losing their wallets constantly decreasing that number, won't rampant deflation destroy Bitcoin?
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Will Bitcoin suffer from a mining Tragedy of the Commons when mining fees drop to zero?

One issue that I haven't seen clearly addressed is the possible Tragedy of the Commons in Bitcoin's future (see this answer). 40 years into the future, the only significant direct benefit for honest ...
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Are bitcoins really immune to inflation?

I see people everywhere saying that bitcoins are immune to inflation but nobody has explained it adequately to me. I understand why bitcoins would be more or less immune to inflation cause in ...
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What are the perceived advantages of bitcoin as a store of value?

This complements What are the perceived advantages of bitcoin as a means of exchange? To some, Bitcoin today is considered "better" than other stores of value. Why do some people think it's a good ...
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Does speculation hurt bitcoin?

Related Question: Does hoarding really hurt Bitcoin Does speculation hurt bitcoin? I often hear people complain that speculation is destroying Bitcoin, or that Bitcoin will fail because of ...
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How does the mining process support the currency?

Why is mining Bitcoins necessary? Is it essentially a distribution mechanism to ensure Bitcoins are not held by a few (wealthy) individuals from the get-go who might just hoard Bitcoins rather than be ...
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How is hoarding to be prevented?

If all humans used bitcoins now (Jan 2013) for most of their transactions, then a dollar would be worth about a billionth of a bitcoin (1/10 Satoshi). If bitcoins take ten years to catch on that ...
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Cryptocurrency with less deflationary properties

I wonder what is the benefit of having Bitcoin reduce the coins mined per block over time? Suppose a slightly less deflationary growth scheme was possible (and keep other properties that make Bitcoin ...
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Why is the supply of Bitcoin not pegged to its demand?

If it's supposed to be a decentralized currency, then why is it set to be capped at 21 million? What if that demand for Bitcoins exceeds 21 million but all of them are already purchased? Wouldn't it ...
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Can a bitcoin bank solve the problem of intensive value fluctuation caused by hoarding?

Let's assume a bank dealing in bitcoins is not any central of government bank that could control the money supply. Instead, let's say there was a bank where the people would deposit money at some ...
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Will the decreasing Bitcoin production cause a liquidity crisis?

Based on the fact that the bitcoin "production" will stop around 21 million bitcoins, could this lead to a bitcoin flow freeze? What I mean is, if we produce all 21 million bitcoins, and keep using ...
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Will large Bitcoin holders be a threat in the future?

There are most likely individuals or groups who hold (and hoard?) large sums of Bitcoin because of various reasons. I believe these people are the early adopters or miners of Bitcoin. Basically, we ...
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If bitcoin replaces current monetary system wouldn't deflation be a problem?

Basically that's the whole question. From what I understand in current monetary system inflation is intentional(not high, but moderate). It is done to motivate people to actually spend money instead ...
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