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I have unspent bitcoin in the blockchain [duplicate]

I made a transaction from a multibit wallet. It arrived in the blockchain and was confirmed thousands of times. However, the transaction is set to 'unspent'. Can I retreive this from the blockchain ...
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What is a 'Satoshi'?

I am aware that Satoshi Nakamoto is the author of the paper that originated Bitcoin and the creator of the original bitcoin client. However, I often hear the term Satoshi as if it was a monetary unit. ...
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Can someone explain how the Bitcoin Blockchain works?

I'm trying to figure out how the blockchain works and how to read it via website. Is there a laymen way of explaining how the block chain works and how to read the blockchain to trace ...
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Why can't mining pools provide fake transactions within the generated blocks?

Suppose Alice wants to add a fake transaction where she receives X ammount of BTC. I understand that in order to add that transaction to the blockchain she would have to compete against all the other ...
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UTXO model vs. account/balance model

I understand that Bitcoin uses unspent tx output and Ethereum account balance based. However, recently there are lots of discussions on that Bitcoin's UTXO database has become too big. Does this mean ...
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Why do outputs need to be spent entirely?

I understand what change is and how it works (and it's analogous to physical money change), but what I don't understand is why this is needed in the first place. Given that this is all computer based,...
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How do miners detect double-spending?

Assuming I spent 1BTC, then waited a few months and then spent it again. How is this detected? Do the miners go through the entire blockchain to assure the coin was never spent before?
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What is the meaning of the term "full-node"?

There seem to be some different interpretations of what the term "full-node" implies. E.g. there seems to be some disagreement whether a pruned node is still a full-node. So: What characteristics ...
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How can a pruned node be classed a full node without the full blockchain?

A full node is a node with the whole blockchain and is able to verify any new incoming blocks. A pruned node, is a node with only some of the blockchain, namely it has removed some of the older ...
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How are funds verified?

I understand that transactions go into mempool and a miner "verifies" the transactions such as ensuring the user has the appropriate funds and correct signature. Specifically, how are ...
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Does an Invalid Transaction persist in the mempool?

My basic understanding is that a transaction will continue to exist in the MemPool until it can be completed, (or eventually gets evicted due to the size of the MemPool). To me, this leads to a ...
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Can two or more transactions sent from the same address be mined in the same block in Bitcoin's blockchain?

Imagine a person Bob has 10 bitcoins in his wallet. He wants to send 5 bitcoins to Alice and another 5 bitcoins to Uncle Tom simultaneously (in separate transactions). Will both Bob's transactions be ...
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Difference between crypto coin vs crypto block?

I have several doubts about cryptocurrency when I started(bitcoin) reading about it. I google it around and it only added to more confusion. I am not able to understand the difference between a ...
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how transactions of an address traced in BTC?

I'm a newbie, here is my understanding of how transactions are made and how we make sure how many BTCs an address own. if I didn't get it wrong, how many BTCs a address owned is confirmed by the whole ...
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Why do transactions send coins to the same address as they spent it from?

I often notice transactions such as: 364efe5a906de5971e242f9711008e58a5ab79f136a8044b66615e8662d35f09 Where funds from the address 3PU with 1.38 BTC are split to itself (1.35 BTC) and 37Ek (0....
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