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What service does Multibit connect to? [duplicate]

Multibit is clearly a faster desktop wallet since it's a thin client that doesn't download and process the entire *8GB blockchain. My question is, what service does Multibit connect to in order to ...
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Why doesn't the Bitcoin Wallet mobile app require the whole blockchain? [duplicate]

I use the Bitcoin-Core on PC, where it starts by downloading the whole blockchain, before one can use the wallet. Why doesn't it require to download the blockchain in case of the mobile app?
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Why must some bitcoin clients download the block chain and others not?

What does it mean that some Bitcoin clients download the entire block chain (all transactions ever happened) and others not?
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What options does one have to manage Bitcoins?

I started trading and buying Bitcoins for a while now, and realised: I have multiple wallets and multiple websites where I have bitcoins/litecoins. I think most of the people, including me, want use ...
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My Bitcoin Qt is behind 7 years and 32 weeks

My Bitcoin Qt is behind 7 years and 32 weeks... I'm new to all this so I wonder: if I shut down the pc, is the sync gonna continue or will it restart from the beginning? And.. how can I get my ...
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How to recover my Copay wallet using the 12 word seed phrase

I'm new to Bitcoin/Copay. I decided to signup at coinbase deposited $80. I read you needed a wallet. I decided on copay. Transferred the funds to my wallet. Everything processed smoothly and my copay ...
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Light clients transaction verification

How does a light node know which block its transaction got included in? Say a light node sends out a transaction spending its UTXO. Does it get some sort of notification when its transaction is mined ...
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Could Bitcoin be implemented without saving the block chain on the HDD?

Is the Bitcoin's copy of the block chain completely necessary? Couldn't we just store the current balances of all addresses, without keeping logs of their transactions as well?
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How to build a simple Bitcoin Wallet

I am looking for a way to build a Bitcoin wallet native mobile application for iOS & Android. I want the app to offer the following features to its users; Create a new wallet (self custodial) ...
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How can I tell if my Bitcoin wallet is working?

I'm not sure if my Bitcoin wallet is working, is there a way to check that it's ready to go? I'm using Breadwallet for iOS.
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What is the impact of Bitcoin XT fork on current Bitcoin holders?

I was reading that there was disagreement on the block size limit and Bitcoin has been forked to Bitcoin XT? With two different flavors of the software running, which might result in two different ...
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Can I install a wallet on Windows Server 2008?

I was wondering if I could I install a wallet on Windows Server 2008? If so which wallet?
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Maysspayout, SendMany, Bulk Payouts with Bitcoin Core

Do I have to download the whole bitcoin blockchain (145GB) to be able to do a sendMany transaction with Bitcoin Core? Are there other Desktop Software, where I can do a masspayout? Maybe an App, ...
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How do lightweight nodes and SPV wallets calculate balances?

Can they do it? Or they "talk" to a full node for that purpose and are used only for mining purposes? Thanks in advance for your answers.
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Can a miner just download the blockchain once and then delete it (don't have a full node)?

I am wondering if all bitcoin miners need to be full nodes. Or is it possible for a miner to just download all the blockchain once, do all necessary computations to start mining and then delete the ...
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