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Is there a mechanism to handle stale bitcoins? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why doesn't Bitcoin return lost coins back into the block reward? What could be the consequences of many bitcoins being lost out of circulation if people lose their wallets?...
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If bitcoin have a 21 milion limit...what happens with the lost bitcoins? [duplicate]

After reach the 21 million limit, and every year there is some coins that are lost... won't this make the value of the bitcoin go up?
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How long does it take to gives again into circulation after loss Bitcoins [duplicate]

How long does it take to gives again into circulation after loss Bitcoins ?
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The 21,000,000 BTC Limit Issue [duplicate]

I love the concept of Bitcoin, however I have noticed a few weaknesses to the system that not may folks talk about. One of the issues is the 21,000,000 limit. After "X" amount of time, a certain ...
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What could be the consequences of many bitcoins being lost out of circulation if people lose their wallets?

If for some reason many people lose their wallet files then many bitcoins are effectively taken out of circulation. Seen as it's not possible to tell as far as i know if bitcoins are actually ...
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Will "all" bitcoins ultimately vanish? (be unusable)

During this CCC conference from 2011, starting from 00:18:55, the presenter suggests that as bitcoins can be lost (lost private key, dead owner, sending to an "eater" address that nobody ...
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Is it possible to "unmine" particular coins?

Imagine that a government seizes a large amount of bitcoins in a raid such as with "Silk Road". Is it possible to invalidate those particular coins and send them back to the "pool" to be re-mined so ...
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How much bitcoin is 'lost', on average? [duplicate]

As the title of this question states, how much bitcoin is 'lost' (the private keys are not stored by any individual, and so will theoretically never be spent again)? I'd be looking for a percentage ...
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Does Bitcoin account for deleted bitcoins over time?

I'm sure that this question has been asked before, but I just can't seem to find it. If there is a limit of 21 million coins to be mined, then what happens if Bitcoin wallets get deleted? Will there ...
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Why can't we expire two year old transactions?

I understand any output in blockchain can be left un-redeemed forever. But If we expire all transactions that are more than two years old (specifically after some number of blocks), there are some ...
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How Many Bitcoins Are Missing? [duplicate]

Recently my HDD went, losing all of my data. I make backups frequently and luckily only lost 0.02BTC. I tried everything to recover them, but no luck. As I stated it was small amount that wasn't a ...
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Is it possible to definitely lose bitcoins? [duplicate]

The maximum number of Bitcoin is 21 000 000. However this number of Bitcoin may never exist. Supposing someone have 5 BTC in their wallet. In order to protect them, they encrypted it and then forgot ...
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Lost/forgotten/locked Bitcoins

There are currently ~16 million bitcoins in circulation at this moment. There will only ever be 21 million coins. What about all the coins that have been locked in wallets due to loss of keys, owners ...
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Accounting for currency destroyed in lost wallets? [duplicate]

Bitcoin will eventually be capped at 21,000,000 Bitcoins, but what happens to all the wallets that are lost? I'm sure thousands of BTC are already as good as destroyed. Even if there weren't millions ...
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Will the amount of "usable" Bitcoins eventually drop to zero? [duplicate]

Let's assume that there is a non-zero probability that people lose their bitcoins, e.g. by forgetting their password. The amount of bitcoins these people possess will become "unusable" but still ...
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