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What is the difference between a miner and a full node?

I have trouble finding the difference between a full node and a miner. It looks like these two names are used interchangeably which I think is not entirely correct. Miners do process blocks and full ...
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What is an "unspent output"?

What is the meaning of the term "unspent output" in the Bitcoin protocol?
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What do pruning nodes contribute to the network?

Pruning nodes are described in the sourcecode thusly: -prune=<n>: Reduce storage requirements by pruning (deleting) old blocks. This mode is incompatible with -txindex and -rescan. I’ve ...
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What is a thin client?

I've heard that if you don't want do download gigabytes of data just to use bitcoin you gotta use a thin client. But what is a thin client? What are the main advantages of a thin bitcoin client and ...
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What is a Bitcoin node?

There’s a lot of reference of "bitcoin node" in official FAQ or elsewhere. But, what is exactly a bitcoin node ? Is it a client like Bitcoin-qt or is it only a miner ? Or both ?
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Special bitcoin node

I was thinking of hosting my own node. I have a fast Amazon AWS server, however not enough storage to host a full node. What I was thinking, is to host a full node on the AWS client, but get it to ...
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Who approves the feature and bug code reviews in Bitcoin?

I see a list of Bitcoin feature and pull requests here. How do all million plus users agree to these feature/bug requests? Do all users of Bitcoin have to approve them, or who represents them in ...
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How to accept bitcoin and giving each user a unique address amd automatic withdrawal

I want to create a website when users on singing up will get a unique address and after getting my websites service,they can withdrawal the money also automatically. Is that bitcoin integration free ? ...
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Who decides the block reward in Bitcoin?

I know that when a miner mines a block, he will be rewarded with some bitcoins. But who decides how much bitcoin he will get? If it is decided by all the miners (as they are the ones verifying ...
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Do I spare 80Gb to only keep the blockchain and do I need it to be always present?

I am new to Bitcoin, reading a book and just downloaded a client. On site I read the note that I would need about 65-80gb to keep the whole history of transactions. What happens when it downloads the ...
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