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What is a double spend?

What is a double spend? As someone who uses Bitcoin, what do I need to know about how the Bitcoin system prevents double spends? Are there still circumstances where they can occur?
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How does BitCoin prevent fraud during confirmation period?

I'm trying my best to understand how bitcoin works and while I've grasped the basics, there's a lingering question: What's to stop me from spending my bitcoin multiple times during a confirmation ...
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How to perform a double spend attack in websites that accept transactions with 0 confirmations?

To perform a Finney attack or a 51% attack I need to have lots of computational power, but in this case (a website that accepts transactions with 0 confirmations) it seems to me that I only need to ...
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Atomic cross-chain trading

Atomic cross-chain trading describes a method where two parties, owning different crypto currencies, can safely exchange the crypto currencies without an intermediary. The method is described in the ...
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Are there any mining pools that publish what transactions they will include?

If some large number of the mining pools started publishing what transactions they are planning on including the danger of accepting a zero confirmation transaction would be reduced dramatically. Has ...
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Possible error in the white paper Calculations section?

Section 11 presents calculations of the probability of double spending, P(z, q), given an attacker relative hash rate q and a block count z. P(z, q) can only be understood by knowing exactly what z ...
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Specifics on "Race Double Spending Attacks"?

Hi guys I am doing some research on double spending in the bitcoin network several ideas have been confusing me: In prevention of Race attacks, merchants are advised to "connect to a large random ...
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How does the blockchain prevent spending money during a "short fork"?

I'm currently reading "Mastering Bitcoin" (i haven't finished it tho, but i don't see my answer and it bother me so I prefer asking it here) and there's something i don't understand. So from what I ...
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Is there a distinction between an attack and an exploit?

I'm writing up lecture notes and attempting to put the language on the most logical footing. I'm hoping to distinguish attacks on the consensus itself from exploits of the protocol, as these seem to ...
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What incentive is there for a miner to not cancel his own 'real' txs

It is said that a Bitcoin miner attacker with enough CPU power to outrun the entire network is better off mining honest bitcoins - which is not correct since by creating a false block chain the ...
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