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Is Bitcoin anonymous? [duplicate]

Bitcoin transaction's anonymity depends on public-private keys. The digital tie between a public and a private key is stronger than the tie between a person and his DNA. If you committed a crime but ...
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How difficult is it to determine the owner of some bitcoins? [duplicate]

When Bitcoin was making the media waves back in 2011, a lot of it focused on the anonymity aspect of bitcoins, the hacks, and the illegal contents of the silk road onion address. From my limited ...
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Are we anonymous against governments? [duplicate]

If all transactions are public knowledge and coins are identifiable and thus traceable. With the power of subpoena can't a government uncover who bought the coin(s) from an exchange. It might be ...
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Blockchain and anonymous data inside the chain [duplicate]

A Blockchain is often said to be a log of all transactions that were ever verified on a network. I understand that therefore a purpose could be to make sure that the records are not altered. If they ...
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Are Bitcoins anonymous or tracable? Any changes from "How anonymous are Bitcoin transactions?"? [duplicate]

After the hacking and closing of Mt Gox there has naturally been some talk if there is a way to recover the lost coins. One "expert" commented that this would be a great test of the claim that ...
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How can one remain relatively anonymous while using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions are pseudo-anonymous. What can an individual that uses Bitcoin do in order to remain as anonymous as possible?
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Is it possible to figure out whether two addresses are in the same wallet?

I'm wondering, if I sent some bitcoins from one of my own addresses to another address in my wallet, will it be possible for someone to figure out that both addresses are in the same wallet? Or can I ...
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Is there data on the geographic distribution of bitcoin users?

If you are a company wanting to adopt bitcoin as a payment method or an academic wanting to study the bitcoin market it is important to know as much as possible about the bitcoin users. Since bitcoin ...
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Is there a recommended maximum number of transactions any one address should ever receive?

The pool I am with has sent about twenty transactions to one address I gave as a 'send to' addy. Could this one address just go on and on taking more and more of these transactions? A hundred of them? ...
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How to broadcast a transaction anonymously

Is it possible to broadcast a transaction to the network without revealing my personal IP address? My first guess is to connect bitcoind over Tor with proxy= Is it the good way to do it ...
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Is it possible to trace fraud committed via a service the bridges banking and bitcoin?

Consider the following scenario: An individual, the "buyer" buys something online from someone else, the "seller". The buyer cannot verify the identity of the seller. The seller wants money upfront ...
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What security threats does blockchain technology solve or present?

I am interested in security, identity and authenticity in electronic networks. What sort of security concerns could blockchain technology help with and what sort does it pose? Are there entry and ...
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Is Bitcoin trading anonymous and untraceable?

I know little about bitcoin except they are digital currency. I heard that bitcoin ownership or exchanges/trading is anonymous and untraceable by government. Is that true? If I buy a bitcoin and pay ...
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how transactions of an address traced in BTC?

I'm a newbie, here is my understanding of how transactions are made and how we make sure how many BTCs an address own. if I didn't get it wrong, how many BTCs a address owned is confirmed by the whole ...
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How do I pay Utility Bills anonymously with Bitcoin?

I can get my salary with Bitcoin: I can get loans with Bitcoin: Can I pay my utility bills with Bitcoin? If the naming pattern follows, there's a https://...
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Can one receiving address from my Wallet be linked to another from the same Wallet?

I have created a wallet using Electrum. Electrum creates 20 receiving addresses. My question is can these be linked or traced back to each other? I want to understand if I have create another wallet ...
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How can someone participate in Bitcoin reliably without a bank account? [closed]

If banks are what one wants to escape, as the banking system is corrupt. Therefore seeking an alternative currency, aka Bitcoin. How do you detach your life from the bankers? How is Bitcoin private? ...
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How do Bitcoin transactions work, and what does one need in order to send or receive one?

I am trying to understand how Bitcoin works and whether it is possible to manage a bitcoin transaction anonymously. If someone transfers a bitcoin, what do I need to sign it with? Can it be signed ...
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If Cryptocurrency offers anonymity, why is it considered by forensic professionals to be the best currency for fighting illicit transactions?

A paper by titled An Analysis of Bitcoin’s Use in Illicit Finance discusses how Cryptocurrency is considered by forensic professionals to be the best currency for fighting illicit transactions. In ...
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Link Receiving address with other addresses

Assumed somebody knows one of my several addresses in my wallet for receiving bitcoins, can he link this address with the other addresses I got? Or does every address stand for its own?
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Bitcoin Vs Bank

Bitcoins are viewed as an alternative to traditional banking. There isn't a peer to peer passage of bitcoins. Like the banking agency is a mediator between the two people sending and receiving money; ...
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Is bitcoin really anonymous?

Let’s suppose i buy some bitcoin on an exchange platform (kraken for example). This platform Ask me some informations (id card). Now, if i transfer all my bitcoins to a physical wallet, then to ...
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Is there a way I can get my own independent vanilla p2p cli wallet?

To elaborate, I want a wallet that's independent of any third party intervention unlike coinbase wallets being dependent on the company. If there is the way how much privacy can be maintained? And ...
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