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Are we anonymous against governments? [duplicate]

If all transactions are public knowledge and coins are identifiable and thus traceable. With the power of subpoena can't a government uncover who bought the coin(s) from an exchange. It might be ...
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How difficult is it to determine the owner of some bitcoins? [duplicate]

When Bitcoin was making the media waves back in 2011, a lot of it focused on the anonymity aspect of bitcoins, the hacks, and the illegal contents of the silk road onion address. From my limited ...
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Is it possible to figure out whether two addresses are in the same wallet?

I'm wondering, if I sent some bitcoins from one of my own addresses to another address in my wallet, will it be possible for someone to figure out that both addresses are in the same wallet? Or can I ...
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Is it possible to trace fraud committed via a service the bridges banking and bitcoin?

Consider the following scenario: An individual, the "buyer" buys something online from someone else, the "seller". The buyer cannot verify the identity of the seller. The seller wants money upfront ...
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How to broadcast a transaction anonymously

Is it possible to broadcast a transaction to the network without revealing my personal IP address? My first guess is to connect bitcoind over Tor with proxy= Is it the good way to do it ...
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Is there a recommended maximum number of transactions any one address should ever receive?

The pool I am with has sent about twenty transactions to one address I gave as a 'send to' addy. Could this one address just go on and on taking more and more of these transactions? A hundred of them? ...
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Is there data on the geographic distribution of bitcoin users?

If you are a company wanting to adopt bitcoin as a payment method or an academic wanting to study the bitcoin market it is important to know as much as possible about the bitcoin users. Since bitcoin ...
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How can one remain relatively anonymous while using Bitcoin?

Bitcoin transactions are pseudo-anonymous. What can an individual that uses Bitcoin do in order to remain as anonymous as possible?
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