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Get BCH from after fork

I had a fraction of BTC on before the 1st of August and I didn't touch them at all afterwards. I never got my private keys (nor the 12 words) from my wallet (or if I ...
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How to sweep private extended key from mycellium for bitcoin cash coins?

I have my coins stored in mycellium, but when I try to export my private key I get a private extended key. How can I import this into coinomi android wallet? I see there is a sweep option in conomi, ...
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How can I reclaim my Bitcoin Cash from my Greenaddress wallet?

I'm new to cryptocurrency in general, and I'm still learning. Let's say someone moves BTC to a multi-signature wallet with a trusted provider, i.e. Greenaddress, before the split from an exchange. ...
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How to sell BCH into BTC

I have an Electrum wallet since Nov 2016 with some BTC. It seems that I automatically own BCH now (is this right?). What is the simplest way to sell this BCH into BTC? Should I install a BCH wallet ...
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Trying to open an old bitcoin core wallet.dat file fails

I am trying to open an old (~2012) bitcoin core wallet.dat with a wallet, and it says that my password is incorrect, although it works great on my bitcoin core wallet. Was there any ...
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Bitcoin Cash split [closed]

I have a bitcoin core wallet and held my bitcoins in this for around 5 years. Now I would like to access the bitcoin cash which I should have since the split. Is there a tutorial on how to do this?
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Bitcoind how to get my bitcoin cash [duplicate]

So our server has bitcond and we have bitcoin on it. How do we get our bitcoin cash?
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Downloading the new BCC [duplicate]

Hi people of North Cryptoland. I bought a couple of Bitcoin a few months ago with a long term view for my retirement, just to add to the portfolio. They are stored in a Bitcoin Multibit HD wallet (in ...
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claim bitcoin cash with bitcoin qt wallet

I need to claim my bitcoin cash I held my coins in the bitcoin qt wallet from the spring on 2013 to the middle of aug. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this done? Thanks
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Is there a good guide to convert a Bitcoin Core Wallet to Bitcoin Cash (on OSX)

I got a wallet in Bitcoin version 0.14.2 on OSX. My last transaction is from years ago. How can I convert my wallet to Bitcoin Cash and what are the do's and don'ts? Basically I don't want to ...
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How to recover Bitcoin cash from Coinbase [duplicate]

I had a small bit of Bitcoin at Coinbase before the split. After the split, I moved a few Bitcoins to Coinbase, all of which were mined before the split. Now that Coinbase supports Bitcoin cash, they ...
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Using Bitcoin Core on Ubuntu. How to claim BCH & BTG while keeping whole BTC blockchain? [duplicate]

I'm using the Bitcoin Core client on Ubuntu. I've got the whole ~170GB blockchain on my hard drive. I'd like to be able to claim my BCH and BTG while preserving that blockchain, though if I don't ...
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