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If you have two chains of same length and you add your block to one chain while n/w selects the other [duplicate]

If you have two block-chains of same length and you add your block to one chain while the network selects the other chain, what happens to the transactions in your block ?
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Can someone explain how the Bitcoin Blockchain works?

I'm trying to figure out how the blockchain works and how to read it via website. Is there a laymen way of explaining how the block chain works and how to read the blockchain to trace ...
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What percentage of mined nonces fail to join the consensus blockchain?

From Wikipedia: The PoW requires miners to find a number called a nonce (a number used just once), such that when the block content is hashed along with the nonce, the result is numerically smaller ...
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When running a mining pool how many (super)nodes should I connect to?

Is it beneficial to connect your *coind instance to multiple supernodes? Or Should I connect to more than the 8 standard peers? Does this potentially improve the amount that could be earned in ...
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What is a stale blockchain tip? Is it a blockchain tip missing the latest mined block?

Stale blocks and orphaned blocks are defined here. What is a stale blockchain tip? Is it a blockchain tip missing the latest mined block? Or is it a blockchain with a stale block (as defined in that ...
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Bitcoin - How to identify if transaction is Segwit

Below is my logic to parse transaction from Bitcoin blk files Pull Version by getting uint32 Read next 2 bytes. If they are 0,1 then it is SegWit Else read again for varint to pull input count If ...
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BTC/hashes/second rates for various pools

Do all pools have the same average BTC/hashes/second rates (for individual members of the pool)? For example, this profitability calculator says 4 Th/s hash rates will produce 0.04 BTC per day, yet I'...
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Orphaned (non referenced) blocks list

Orphan block is a block that doesn't have a known parent in the longest block chain. As I understand, this mean that orphaned block does not have a reference on it as "previous block hash" in any ...
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Selfish Mining: stale or orphan?

In terms of a selfish attack many sources speak of orphaned blocks, i.e. blocks that are not on the main chain and thus not paying any coinbase transaction to its miner. Still I'm not sure and ...
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Is there a way to detect a mining cartel?

According to, the largest mining pool holds less than 20% of the mining power, which is far below the dreaded 51%. But, this information is (probably) based on the pools publicly ...
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Do Orphan Blocks Still Exist In Bitcoin?

Orphan blocks were one of the problems with Bitcoin at its beginning. Do orphan blocks still exist in Bitcoin, and if not, why?
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Is there a correct way to refer to "orphan" blocks?

I was reading a passage on the bitcoin wiki that pointed out that it doesn't make sense to call invalid chains "orphans," since, by definition, every block in the blockchain except the ...
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What does it mean when a block is "kicked"?

While mining on a NOMP mining pool, I noticed that when you add the confirmed blocks and pending blocks together, they rarely add up to the total blocks found. It is my understanding that the missing ...
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Can 2 blocks have the same previous hash?

Can two blocks have the same Previous hash after being created. 2 blocks totally different from each other but with the same previous hash
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Transaction in orphaned block question

This is a theoretical question. Assuming that a transaction (TX_A) with me on the receiving end gets added to the blockchain, I should be able to spend the amount I received. So I go on and spend it ...
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