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What concerns arise from the heavy miner concentration in China? [duplicate]

As per an Business Insider article last year, approximately 73% of the hash power comes from China. Over 50% just by the top 3. If coordinated, they could cause havoc. Is that a concern to anyone?
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Is possible to control the network? [duplicate]

Can anyone with enough computing power, take over the network ? This is following from a previous comment where I was asking : ... how can that be possible (to control the network) if mining tend ...
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How can a 51% attack be successful? [duplicate]

In the paper by Nakamoto, miner can accept the mined block only if all transaction are valid. Assume that there are 5 miners in the world. 4 of 5 are honest that have 10% of 100% hash power and 1 of ...
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Why does a malicious miner need more hashing power than the rest of the network combined? [duplicate]

I don’t quite understand why a malicious miner needs more hashing power than the rest of the network combined. When miners are solving a hash puzzle, aren’t they solving the puzzle individually? If ...
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Are transactions in the mined block validated by other nodes on the network? [duplicate]

After successfully mining a block, the block and the solution is broadcast to the network. The nodes on the network in turn verify the solution. Aren't transactions that belong to the broadcasted ...
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What is the actual threat of a majority attack on the Bitcoin blockchain? [duplicate]

As far as I understand, an attacker (in the role of a malicious miner) controlling a large portion of the current hash power could replace previously accepted blocks with alternatives. But, what does ...
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What if a pool of computers are used to attack a blockchain and modify it in 51% of the network? [duplicate]

I mean if a large computer pool is used to attack a blockchain and modify the copy of the blockchain in 51% of computers in the network. Then due to consensus, the faulty blockchain will be replicated ...
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What Is 51% Attack In Bitcoin? Can Crypto Mining Pools Invade A Majority Attack On Bitcoin? [duplicate]

As the cryptocurrency mining is becoming less profitable for the small miners with rising electricity costs and a shrunken market due to big commercial miners pool, these pools pose a risk of a 51% ...
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Bitcoin Takeover Possible? [duplicate]

I have a question / scenario im looking to understand regarding cryptos and wondered if anyone here wants to comment on the below and discuss... It goes: Given that crypto's are 100% reliant on ...
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Are there algorithms that could be used for mining that resist acceleration with ASICs?

In my related question about mining algorithms that balance CPU and GPU it came up that such an algorithm would tremendously increase the incentive for people to create mining botnets. The prospect of ...
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Supermajority to prevent 51% attack?

I would think that amending the bitcoin protocol to require a supermajority, say 60% or 75%, to verify proof of work help reduce the risk of a 51% attack. If this is so, what are the major obstacles ...
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Could the EC2 infrastructure be used to efficiently launch a 51% attack?

This excellent answer from Serith states that one would need 31150 ATI 5870 graphics cards to launch a 51% attack. Amazon EC2 offers computers for rent for 2.10$ per hour. These instances have 2 x ...
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Could there be hyperinflation in Bitcoin?

Currently the creation of new coins is fixed at a certain rate which halves every few years and will at some point in the future drop to zero. As I understand it, this is by consensus, i.e. all the ...
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Can someone with 51% computing power earn more than he deserves?

See also What can an attacker with 51% of hash power do? This may have been discussed elsewhere, but I'm not sure what the answer is - if someone owns 51% of the hash power, can't he just ignore the ...
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String-along, is this possible and is it an attack?

I haven't seen this discussed before, if it has been please provide a link. If I find a block while mining but then discover that another miner broadcast a block mere moments ago, I could begin ...
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