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Lightning Network scaling alternatives?

I'm really looking forward to the Lightning Network and all the efforts being put in by, Blockstream, and others. But I was wondering if there aren't other options for decentralised ...
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Why aren't 3 party (or more) channels realistically possible in lightning today?

Speaking with Ben on twitter it appears that it isn't feasible without eltoo to create more than 2 party channels on the lightning network today. Why exactly is that the case today and how does eltoo ...
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Non-bidirection payment channels for lightning network

I am trying to understand the technology behind LN and similar concepts. As I understand it, LN is a network of bidirectional channels, which are created with some limited capacity, within which the ...
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Is there a solution to paying high fees when opening and closing lightning channels once we hit a fee only market?

Paying several hundred dollars to open and close a lightning channel seems uneconomical. This is a common argument against lightning by big blockers, I’m yet to read a valid argument against this.
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Lightning Network: asymmetry in the information tracked by each participant?

In following paper, written by Christian Decker et al., there is a paragraph that is not clear to me. eltoo: A Simple Layer2 Protocol for Bitcoin "The central idea of Lightning is to invalidate ...
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Is there any mechanism in Bitcoin that allows it to dynamically adapt to the flow of transactions?

I've read some books and articles on Bitcoin and feel like I've understood many of its concepts but I'm not able to find an answer to a question I've had for a long time: How does the Bitcoin network ...
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Bitcoin script with multiple recipients?

Is it possible to write a Bitcoin script that pays multiple recipients? For instance, a script funded with 2 BTC by Alice that pays 1 BTC each to Bob and Charlie. Eventually I'd like to build a system ...
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One to many transactions on the Lightning Network, practical approach/limits?

One to many transactions on the main chain are limited by the block size/tx limit size. Does the same limitation apply on the Lightning Network? What would be the best approach for 1-N transactions on ...
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How will a common guy use Lightning Network when BTC hits 10 mln$?

If BTC hits 10mln$ and transactions fees will be horrendous denominated in $, how a "common guy" will be able to opt in using Bitcoin, if even opening LN channel will be too expensive then ...
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Is one lightning network channel equal to one transaction?

I understand how a lightning network channel is like opening a bar tab, where you can make multiple transactions off-chain between two parties, and closing the channel puts the total tab on-chain. ...
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