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How are public & private keys in an address created?

I understand the high level concept I am more interested specific details. How is a private key generated. How exactly is public key generated, how is address generated from public key.
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How is it possible that the same WIF Private Key generates two different addresses?

I am wondering if you can explain this. I went here: Created the SegWit Address below: 3ASaGJ8h2bLn6Jha3hncBzXUKRCLyfv9bk RedeemScript ...
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33 byte private key?

I have read that private key is 256 bits or 32 byte. see here I generated a key on bitcoin-test network. WIF: cVe4tA6QHduboeSiQD6Y6nzV1QjaVpDVG2YHbqbtJiSCxsNDYYUF HEX: ...
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One private key generate many public keys?

I created wallet in BitPay. I have public and private keys. Then I created wallet in Electrum using existing private key. Now wallet in electrum has other public key than in BitPay but the same ...
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How do you generate a receive address from a string? [closed]

I already have a an address with Bitcoin and would like to generate a receive address using SHA256 hash which is based on a string. I've found an example of creating an address using a SHA256 hash: ...
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How do you output segwit bech32 (bc1...) / P2SH (3...) addresses from a bitcoin private key?

I have a bitcoin private key and know that it can output a segwit addresses of bech32 bc1... and p2sh 3... formats. How can this be done easily?
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How can I create uncompressed public key in C++?

I need to derive public key from my private key in uncompressed form. I know how to create compressed one with libbitcoin, but I can't find appropriate method for uncompressed form there. Are there ...
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Input script public key len

Why in some transactions the public key after R and S is longer 33 bytes and in others is 65 bytes? There's a difference during the signature check? Thanks
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How to find bitcoin address from bitcoin privatekey

How to find bitcoin address from bitcoin privatekey using bitcoind json rpc or any other way?
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What's the difference between all kinds of bitcoin addresses (Single, multisig, etc...) also compared to all bitcoin forks?

Bitcoin addresses start with 1. Multisig/Script addresses start with 3. Other forks of bitcoin have single letters that are different at the beginning. Is this letter simply and only prepended to the ...
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