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What sort of calculations do the miners have your computer do? [duplicate]

I recently heard of a new cryptocurrency (or maybe it's not new and I'm just out of the loop) called Gridcoin which uses your GPU/CPU/ASIC to do research calculations rather than "meaningless" ...
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Is BitCoin Mining Basically a Game? Do the Solved Math Equations do Anything? [duplicate]

So I've been trying to learn about bitcoin, I'm a kid. It is really confusing. Is BitCoin basically a game since you solve math equations for money? And also, do the math equations do anything or are ...
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Why can't just any hash be used for a block? [duplicate]

disclaimer: I'm completely new at this, basic computer skills limited to GUI point-&-click I took a look at how difficulty was explained, that it is "increased" by requiring the SHA-256 ...
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Has anyone verified what your CPU is being used to do when it "mines" for bitcoins? [duplicate]

I understand that "mining" for bitcoins requires your computer to do work that you don't monitor, so my question is, how do you know what it is that your computer is doing? Has anyone verified what ...
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Question solved by bitcoin miners [duplicate]

What computational questions are solved by bitcoin miners and what is the computational complexity of one instance of this question. Essentially, how would someone program an application for bitcoin ...
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What are bitcoin miners actually solving? [duplicate]

I've read all other answer, but nobody really gives an answer. Whom for are they solving, and what entity outside BTC community has benefits from all the electric energy wasted in the process of doing ...
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What is my goal | Objectives when mining? [duplicate]

I kept on learning how miner hash | decrypt | calculate all those infos that was given to them by the pool but I can't find how they do it, maybe there's a function something like: int hashThis( ...
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What exactly is Mining?

I have heard that mining is for people with ready hardware and blah blah blah... But what exactly is it? Does it operate like real mining? I mean, people talk about it like you are physically mining.
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What happens if two miners mine the next block at the same time?

The process of mining as described in the answer to this question is simultaneously repeated by multiple miners. Is it possible for two miners to find the next block at the same instant? If it is, ...
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How to prevent a miner from stealing another miner's block?

Many articles only contain a phrasing like A miner A solves the hash problem and gives the result to the network to check. Once a majority of the network confirms, A gets the reward. But how does ...
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Could Hadoop be used as a mining pool architecture? [closed]

The context is here I don't know how exactly the new blockchain candidate was calculated in Bitcoin Network, so I guess it was based on a Merkle candidate of (a) bitcoin client/s. Also I presume that ...
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What does the debug output look like when a new block is found?

In the Bitcoin-QT client, what does the debug.log look like when a new block is found?
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What is the point of keeping transactions if they are hashed?

In the blockchain people keep saying that all of the transactions are listed. Then why are they hashed? What's the point of hashing them if you can't check the blockchain afterwards.
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Does a new block necessarily include all transactions that occurred before its generation? What about network latency?

I read What exactly is Mining? and What are bitcoin miners really solving?, but was left wondering: What happens if a new transaction comes in, whilst mining? To answer that, I found Do transactions ...
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What prevents a miner from faking nonce hash

What exactly prevents a miner from presenting a random nonce hash of the block with enough zeroes at the start to get chosen? How is the new hash verified by the other nodes? Since as I understand ...
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