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What if duplicate wallet addresses are created? [duplicate]

I'm a newbie to Bitcoin, so I apologize if this seems like a "noob" question. So, from what I've read: anyone can create a new Bitcoin wallet. Upon creation, a wallet address is automatically ...
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Is there a limit to the number of Bitcoin addresses? [duplicate]

Is there a limit to the number of Bitcoin addresses? And if so, what stops someone from making all these addresses and holding the private keys for them so no one else can make a new public key?
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guessing random private key [duplicate]

From what I understand (which is not much), private key is like id/password for your wallet. So lets say, I have random number generator and I generate random number, is it possible that generated ...
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Is a Bitcoin address guaranteed to be unique? [duplicate]

I may have misread this but apparently every time you generate an address it is not checked against any other addresses generated? The reason being the sheer scale of the amount of possible addresses ...
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How does the bitcoin network disallow people generating a key pair already generated? [duplicate]

Is it possible to generate a key pair that has already been generated? Wouldn't it collide with an existing value? I assume it is mathematically very unlikely, but odds higher than 0 are still ...
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Can a private key enumeration attack be used to steal bitcoins? [duplicate]

Let's consider the following algorithm enumerate all of the private keys for each of the enumerated private keys, generate the relative public key and verify whether there is any unspent coin ...
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Can two people generate the same exact wallet or seed phrase [duplicate]

Can 2 or more people generate the same exact wallet. And if so, what happens then?
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How do wallets know that address is not duplicated if I'm going to make one? [duplicate]

Let's assume that I'm going to make a wallet through Electrum that has some Bitcoin address. So then, How Electrum do know that is not duplicated(Already owned by another person)? Are we just ...
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what prevents from address generation to accidentally use an existing one? [duplicate]

How come bitcoin addresses are created in a split second on my wallet app? what promises the address doesn't override a current existing address? I guess the same question applies for a private key...
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How long would it take for all the Bitcoin Key pairs to be calculated? [duplicate]

Is this even something one should be worried about?
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Bitcoin Newbie Explaination Mining [duplicate]

Now if the question is stupid forgive me. From what i have understood so far( i could be wrong ) Bitcoin is a digital currency service. Q : What is difference between, ...
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Bitcoin address security [duplicate]

I understand bitcoin addresses are randomly selected from such a large pool that the statistical chances of someone discovering your address is very low. In light of the above is it still not ...
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Does hashing of bitcoin addresses cause collisions? [duplicate]

There are 2^256 possible public keys. We generate bitcoin addresses by hashing these public keys using SHA256 and then RIPEMD160. Now, since 160 < 256 won't there necessarily be collisions - ...
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Is a bitcoin address collision possible if generating 90 million addresses every 4 hours?

I am running a test to see if I can obtain a successful bitcoin address collision after generating billions of addresses. I am not entirely sure how I would check them yet. Basically I have an extra ...
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What's stopping someone from taking over all the bitcoin addresses?

Anyone can generate unlimited bitcoin addresses. Presumably, there's a limited number of these (even if it's a very very large number). What's stopping someone from taking over all the bitcoin ...
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