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Why are there different prices for bitcoins between exchanges? [duplicate]

Ive been looking around at the prices for bitcoins at various different exchanges and they all seem to have slightly (or wildly) different prices, why? Thanks.
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Why are the BTC exchange rates different from website to website [duplicate]

For instance here: one exchange lists the BTC-USD rate at 133, while the other one lists at 122.
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Bitcoin values change in each exchange [duplicate]

Well, I am starting now with bitcoin in Brazil (realizing my country is a non-concern in terms of the answer), I noted that final value change depends on exchange used. So, if I buy a bitcoin in ...
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How do platforms agree or unwillingly reach a common bicoin price? [duplicate]

My question is about the bitcoin price in exchange of FIAT, not taking into account the slight difference of fees between exchange platforms (Binance, Coinbase....). As far as I know, they all propose ...
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Huge price difference across exchanges [duplicate]

Currently on Bitfinex 1 bitcoin = $15190 while on CEX.IO 1 bitcoin = $16800. How is it possible that there's over $1500 difference? Is this just because of market forces or is Bitfinex malfunctioning?
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Why exchanges show Bitcoin price higher than actual value? [duplicate]

I trade crypto on indian platform WazirX and CoinSwitch. Both are currently showing price of 1 Bitcoin to be 44,78,353 Indian Rupees ($ 60,605.51) while the price shown on google as well as Binance ...
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How do exchanges keep relatively similar price on coins?

I know there are price difference across all exchanges but they are relatively similar. If each exchange operated independently I would think the price of coins would be radically different since the ...
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How will a bitcoin ETF be any different from a bitcoin exchange?

The W.Twins bitcoin ETF/trust stock can be converted to real bitcoins. This means that we can buy $100 worth of stock and convert it to maybe 0.5 BTC depending on the current rate. And we can buy 0.5 ...
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Why Coinbase hot wallet showing insane price that BTC didn't reach for the day?

I m bit suspicious about Coinbase service. It shows the current BTC is 16900 USD but in Bitfinex is 15 326 USD. The worst part is I selected buy BTC from Coinbase its showing 17686.50 USD. How on ...
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What does influence Bitcoin price so much?

Please, make a hint why bitcoin price fluctuates so much almost every day. Is this fluctuation artificial? How is it organised? As far as I know, there are already 12 million of bitcoins. On stock ...
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Why can't exchanges share their bid/ask contract pool?

I'm checking up different exchanges and about to make my first purchase. Then I noticed there are so many different exchanges, and each has quite different liquidity and bid/ask spread. Why is it so? ...
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