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Abe is a free, open-source blockchain browser written in Python and SQL.

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What is the fastest way to research Bitcoin block chain?

I would like to do some research of the Bitcoin blockchain. Because i would like to do massive amounts of processing and lookups, I need a fast way to search the blockchain. Http requests to insight....
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Setting up Bitcoin Abe?

I've followed the tutorial provided in this answer: How do I access information on or without issuing requests to those websites? But there aren't any instructions ...
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How do I reconfigure Abe to work with Litecoin?

I succesfully launced this image. But I need one more instance as Litecoin blockchain explorer. How to configure it properly? Docker is not necessary
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Problem occurred in running the abe explorer for public blockchain running locally [closed]

i have my own blockchain working locally i need to run an abe explorer for the same but i encountered with the problem while running the last command where saiyan is my blockchain name python -m ...
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Can anyone give me some help editing the Abe html?

I've got Abe running, but would really like to get the page looking nicer. I've managed to change the logo, but would like to change the title and change some colours and fonts, maybe add some more ...
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Query Blockchain: Reference previous transaction in "txin"

I'm currently working with a postgresql database I've downloaded here which has the following schema and has probably been parsed using Bitcoin-ABE (I added some indexes and redundant columns): Now I'...
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Meaning of the Tables in the Blockchain Database

I've grabbed "Abe" and have started processing the blockchain into a database, but I can't really find documentation on what the various tables mean / are / contain. Here's the list: abe_lock ...
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How to make Abe query MySQL instead of reading from the bitcoin block.dat for each request?

After getting abe set up and running, I tried querying it, eg: ...:2750/chain/Bitcoin .. but looking at the abe output, I notice every page load - abe was opening the blk00000.dat file rather than ...
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Abe first time execution

I'm running Abe to generate a Blockchain clone. It's been generating the database for over 3 days. The server is not very powerful, but 3 days seems too much time. The last tx output: block_tx 121881 ...
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How does Abe or any blockchain explorer determine transaction size?

I was looking over the Abe code once again, and came to a stumbling point. I can't understand how this is accurate: tx['size'] = len(tx['tx']) Transaction size is simply the length of the raw ...
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Get the number of confirmations for an external address

I'm building an application that tracks transactions between two points for multiple currencies, currently: BTC, BQC, BTB, FTC, LTC, NMC, NVC, PPC, TRC, WDC & YAC. I need a way to check the ...
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How to run bitcoind (command line client) without connecting to other nodes?

I'm running Abe to create a blockchain SQL database, so I don't want the Bitcoin client to touch my copy of the blockchain at the moment. But I would like to query the blockchain with the bitcoind ...
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Is it normal for ABE to get "out of sync" whilst re-creating it's blockchain?

Is it normal for ABE to get "out of sync" whilst re-creating it's blockchain? I am concerned that the number on the left does not match the number on the right. I have no idea what those two numbers ...
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