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Wallet development and custom configuration

I was referred here by some devs in my telegram group associated with when I was asking about custom wallet features. Can you please provide me info on any feature that would allow me ...
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Is it possible to assign a single "from" and a single "to" address to Bitcoin transactions?

I am working on a project where we need to get the "from" and "to" address for every transaction across a number of cryptocurrencies. In account-based currencies, this is pretty ...
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Sending Bitcoin from LocalBitcoin to another wallet to secure my funds, does it work?

I have an account with LocalBitcoin, that I use to ONLY fund my backpage account. However, this account is on the clearnet, is linked to my email address and bank account, and has been used without ...
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Bitcoind move address to other account

When I move an address to another account, and the address contains bitcoins, will the person who gets the address will get the bitcoins that where on the address?
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How can create individual wallet for each user

I am going to develop an exchange website in PHP something like, Now, I have setup the for it and its running fine generating new addresses in the same ...
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Which exchanges still support USD account-to-account (A2A) transfers?

Now that Mt. Gox no longer offers MTG USD redeemable codes, what other exchanges offer these vouchers / redeemable codes / coupons?
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