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Node accounting - open source or bitcoin software

I am running a LND node. experimenting for other almost 2 years with it. i then started a small (2 persons) consulting company. this node is now used to go on building expertise and trying stuff. it ...
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Is it possible to add custom data on blockchains transaction such as a payment reference?

As we traditional bank it is possible to add a reference when sending money away. Is it possible to put some short custom data when sending a blockchain transaction, such as payment reference ? I'm ...
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What accounting software exist to support crypto exchanges?

I've been looking at QuickBooks and 3rd party tools to integrate to see what they do but it still seems to be more retail focused. I've tried to Google it but still get retail responses. Does anyone ...
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Crypto platform that provides a good looking report for the purpose of obtaining mortgage? [closed]

My mortgage broker: They aren’t happy with your proof of deposit. The bitcoins are fine. But you will need to provide a statement of your portfolio. It needs to come from the provider / platform ...
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Some weird BTC transaction just happened to my wallet, sub wallet doesn't send back the BTC to my wallet [duplicate]

So my wallet address is 3BA1kdxSyFLADWJHDeaFb2xap4QASVvXto First I sent 0.00010000BTC to 1FjpQCZvqQxpGjvdU8AcxVyxXgJqY17Uzw (
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What is correct way to count LN node stats

I am running a LN node. Set up monitoring to collect stats. Now i am wondering, how can i get correct conclusions about what collected information actually is. My question is about forward (...
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How to know that the account balance of a user needs to be updated after paying/sending an invoice?

Lets say there is a service in which users can have a few satoshis but are also able to deposite/withdraw satoshis by paying/sending a lightning invoice. Let us assume the service has some data store ...
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2 votes
1 answer

utxo vs account-model [duplicate]

There are two possible models, the UTXO model and the account model. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Bitcoin chose the UTXO model. XRP and Ethereum for example use an account model. What are ...
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Integrate Bitcoin price in Google Sheets through Google Script

How can I integrate the real-time value of the BTC/EUR pair to a Google sheet? What script can I use? For ETH/USD I use Poloniex and a script for that, but there is no BTC/EUR pair on Poloniex. ...
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2 answers

Missing 25% of my btc after a resync...

I've got a wallet with bitcoin in it that I've had since 2011 or earlier. I was just claiming XLM using my receive addresses and the total XLM I received is about 75% of what I should have. I ...
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1 vote
0 answers

QuickBooks Enterprise bitcoin

My company is switching to QuickBooks enterprise. The only thing I would like to know before making the switch is if you can track bitcoin payments through the software.
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1 vote
0 answers

I need a system for managing multiple bitcoin transactions using transaction information in my wallet

I currently use Multibit, but am prepared to switch if necessary. What is the best way to organize my wallet so that I can access multiple 'send' and 'receive' transaction data to and from multiple ...'s user avatar
2 votes
1 answer

Tax deduction for US-based employer paying in Bitcoin to overseas contractor

My employer can write off business expenses (my salary) if he pays me via wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer and some other international payment systems. Is there a tax-deductible method for him to buy ...
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3 votes
6 answers

For US Tax purposes, is Bitcoin mining more like property, "work to solve a puzzle" or "winning a lottery"?

From a taxation perspective, I think it's important to clarify if running a Bitcoin mining operation is more like property exchange, labor to solve a puzzle, vs winning a lottery that runs every 10 ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Using Ripple for assets accounting, loans, deposits, stock exchange, etc

If Ripple can handle money as exchanger, is it possible to use it for other financial operations like assets accounting, loans, deposits, stock exchange etc.?
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4 votes
4 answers

What are ways a BTC Exchange could steal from its customers, and how can they protect themselves?

Mt Gox is the dominant Exchange that handles BTC to USD conversions. Given the recent spike in price, and that Mt Gox is the primary exchange that publishes this price, it's conceivable that a second ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Can Ripple gateways operate as fully transparent fractional reserve banks?

Any Ripple gateway that establishes a solid reputation will be tempted to switch to fractional reserve issuance of its own IOUs to increase leverage (which is exactly what the existing comercial banks ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What is the "unit of account" in terms of Bitcoin?

Traditional economics depend on a "unit of account". Can anyone explain how a "unit of account" would be manifested in Bitcoin if so desired?
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3 votes
0 answers

Is there an asset tracking software that supports Bitcoin? (Better than GnuCash) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Any multi-currency accounting ledger that lets me use BTC? I'm looking for a way to manage all of my assets. I have various assets in multiple currencies & investment ...
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Is using bitcoin for savings a risky choice? [closed]

I'd like to start saving money and there are a few options. Cash provides anonymity but it's very susceptible to steal and I must have a physical space for it. A bank account is much safer but I ...
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1 answer

BTC Days Destroyed, Lifo or Fifo?

Imagine I've got 100 BTC in my wallet, which I accumulated at different points of time. When spending a fraction of my BTC, e.g. 10 BTC, which one of my 100 BTC do I actually spent? The last one I ...
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A different question about a kind of use [closed]

Imagine I want to change the formula of transactions between a group of people who want to use this money in this way: "Everyone will have a maximun quantity of money to waste in the month, and ...
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7 votes
7 answers

Any multi-currency accounting ledger that lets me use BTC?

Are there any online or open source (i.e., free, or at least cheap) accounting systems that do multi-currency so that I can record revenues and payments made using BTCs in the same system that I use ...
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How to do precise accounting with bitcoind?

I'm considering making a service that would be handling user deposits in Bitcoins through a server running bitcoind. Upon purchasing something through the service, I want to withdraw the precise ...
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