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I want withdraw from BitPay and send USD to bank account in Puerto Rico. I reside in Argentina. Is that possible?

I want to withdraw/sell bitcoins that I have on my BitPay wallet. I need to transfer the results USD to account in Puerto Rico. I reside in Argentina. I have already tried with Skirll, but does not ...
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There are Argentina's friends?I want to buy BTC with Pesos [duplicate]

I want to try using the ARS to buy BTC in Argentina and selling the BTC for RMB in China, so as to ecnomic losses from the traditional way of International remittance.Is the method feasible?I am in ...
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Has anyone here used bitcoins to swap dollars for pesos in Argentina? [closed]

I've seen some chatter online about using bitcoins as a workaround for Argentinian currency controls (see below) and I'd like to speak to people who have actually done that, whether it means ...
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Can I use bitcoin as a means of bypassing Argentine Dollar restrictions?

I am planning on doing some small-time buying/selling with a friend who is in the States. I am in Argentina and I do not have a way of reimbursing him in Dollars for products that he buys, sends to me,...
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