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Asicminer is a company producing Bitcoin ASICs.

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How to solo mine to my bitcore node

Currently running a full bitcore node (v23.0.0) on Ubuntu. Chain has fully downloaded and is taking to peers. How do I point my asic (on the same network) to solo mine to my node? I've found a how to ...
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BT wifi Internet router not detecting S9K miner

I am mining crypto via GPU & ASIC miners. I recently bought an S9K Antminer which powers on perfectly fine; however as we all know, it needs to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. This ...
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Can you combine parts from multiple miners?

Is it possible to assemble multiple boards with required chips to create a home miner? I have seen some miners with certain amount of boards and chips on them, so I was wondering if I can substitute ...
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im planing to buy BTC miner but the place im keeping it in suffers of power cuts everyday for approximately 15 minutes. will it operate?

im buying bitmain s9 for the 1st time and i have 0 experiences. if the power cut off for like 15-20 min everyday and come back will the miner operate by it self ? or i have to do it my self everyday. ...
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Hash rate of "Antminer S9" in "" is ZERO

I setup an Antminer S9 using this document: (Link to document). And I configured connection to using this guideline: (Link to guideline). So, I filled out the fields as follows: Pool 1: ...
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ASICMINER Blade Erupter Backplane Dimensions

I need to know the exact dimensions of Backplane (, both it's height, length and width. If you have one of these mining rigs ...
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