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5 votes
3 answers

Have there been any successful "airdrops"?

Starting with Auroracoin, a lot of coins aimed to perform an "airdrop" and distribute their coins to certain groups of people. I am wondering, have there been any successful airdrops? If so, how did ...
2 votes
2 answers

Where can one trade AuroraCoins for Bitcoin?

I have some AuroraCoins (AUR), minin' them on I want to turn them into BTC and then use BTC (no USD!). Some exchanging site? Trust me, I've been Googling, Binging, DuckDuckGoing and others ...
6 votes
1 answer

Reliability of Auroracoin distribution model based on Kennitala (Iceland National Id)

How can the Auroracoin distribution verify that the recipient does not receive coins using the id of somebody else? If Icelanders use their ids everywhere then many Icelanders potentially know ...