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bcoin is a Bitcoin fullnode implementation written in JavaScript.

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Sign transaction externally

I create a transaction with inputs from a given address / public key without signatures. Every input needs to be signed. I use a different method to generate the signatures so I can't provide a ...
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How can I use PSBT in a JavaScript project?

I am trying to use PSBT in a Bitcoin project. The idea is to generate keys and sign transactions client-side. I am already familiar with bitcoinjs-lib but I find the API rather complicated. It would ...
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Bcoin - running webpack-app issue

I have cloned bcoin repo and installed webpack package. When trynig to run webpack-app I get the error below: btc@ubuntu:~/bcoin/node_modules$ npm run webpack-app npm ERR! missing script: webpack npm ...
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How to create an application which constructs a transaction using `bcoin` (javascript)?

I am new to development. I am working on a project and I am trying to use bcoin. I want to create an application which has a UI, where the user will be asked to enter Destination address and amount. ...
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Bcoin node and testnet faucet

I started bcoin in daemon mode (s I understand it is the same as full-node) with specifying network: testnet. As I understand it connected to the world-wide testnet. Now I want to get some test BTC. ...
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