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The opt-in full Replace-by-Fee (opt-in full-RBF) signaling policy described in BIP-125 allows spenders to add a signal to a transaction indicating that they want to be able to replace that transaction in the future.

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How can I change the inputs and fee of an unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction?

I have a 3 days old unconfirmed Bitcoin transaction that has 13 inputs, 2 outputs and a low fee. I want to remove the small value inputs because as it increases the size, it also increases the minimum ...
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Comparison between CPFP and BIP125 for fee bumping

As far as I understood so far, CPFP and BIP125 are both designed to help spenders to make new transactions using an input of an unconfirmed transaction by paying the cost. The most well known use case ...
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Does `0 OP_CSV` force the spending transaction to signal BIP125 replacability?

If I send bitcoins to an output whose script will execute 0 OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY when it is spent, does that require the spender to set the BIP125 signal indicating that the transaction is ...
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Can RBF be used to change the value of a transaction?

I understand that we can use RBF Protocol to replace a transaction with higher fees to get the transaction confirmed faster. However, is it possible to use RBF to change the value of the transaction, ...
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What happens if a transaction does not signal replaceability but spends an output from an unconfirmed RBF transaction?

What happens if a wallet spends an output of an unconfirmed Opt-In Replace-by-fee (BIP125) transaction, but does not flag the spending transaction as Opt-In Replace-by-fee? Receiving wallets would see ...
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What is the network mempools unconfirmed transaction expiration time?

I sent a bare $1000 multisig transaction using sendrawtransaction with a too low fee. When I create a new transaction with a higher fee, I m getting txn-mempool-conflict error, and when I use the ...
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How do you recognize that a transaction is the replacement of another?

Let's say I have a transaction with txid=A which has bip125-replaceable=True. If I bump the fee the original transaction will be removed from the mempool and replaced by the new one, so how do I know ...
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Is there a way to allow use of unconfirmed RBF outputs in transaction building?

Bitcoin Core seems to not consider unconfirmed outputs that are marked replaceable in input selection. Is there a way to override this protection and allow use anyway? The transaction is created using ...
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Is there online tool to check if bitcoin transaction is bip-125-replaceable

bitcoind json-rpc can do it, I think I saw this on but I don't see it now.
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What is replace-by-fee? Can anyone explain what replace-by-fee means?
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