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When was the first OP_RETURN output in a coinbase?

One way to deal with the BIP34 does not imply BIP30 issue, aka the Block 1,983,702 Problem, is a soft-fork that makes the SegWit commitment mandatory. [0] There are no OP_RETURN outputs in any of the ...
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Is it possible for the coinbase transaction in block 164384 to be duplicated in block 1983702?

BIP34 requires coinbase transactions to begin with a data push of the block's height. The coinbase transaction in block 164384 (3aa03753fc) happens to start with OP_PUSHBYTES_3 d6441e which is the ...
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As required in BIP 34, how miners put the Block Height to their coinbase transaction

I created a coinbase transaction with the createrawtransaction method as follow: createrawtransaction '[{"txid":"0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000",&...
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why bip 34 uses two step on MASF(Miner Activated Soft Fork)?

in bip 34, which change to bitcoin version 1 -> 2, uses two step for network's consensus. step 1. check if 750 of the last 1000 blocks are version 2 or greater. step 2. check if 950 of the last ...
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Why was BIP34 (Block v2, Height in Coinbase) not implemented via the coinbase tx's locktime or nSequence?

At some point in 2011/12 miners started using custom mining algorithms ignoring the best practise to mine to a different new public key (hash) for each subsequent block. This lead to a lack of ...
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Can miner send garbled block height?

This previous answer shows that BIP34 adds block height as one of the fields in a coinbase transaction of a block. This question is about whether block height is calculated fully independently by each ...
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What is consensus.BIP34Height? [duplicate]

In the bitcoin source code, I am looking at chainparams.cpp. I can see on line 81 something called consensus.BIP34Height? What is that? I can't figure out what this is. I'm not sure what else to ask ...
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Why do miners seem to be using consecutive letters for the Coinbase transaction text?

If you look at, it looks like the coinbase transactions text start with consecutive letters. For example, block 478529 starts with "AM" and 478530 starts with "BM" and 478531 starts with "...
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How to calculate the BIP34Hash?

I know this going to be a repeat question, however I am still puzzled with the implementation of the BIP34 especially where it come to its hash. Referring to the chainparams.cpp at github : https://...
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