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Automatically reverting soft forks

Recently, Harding discussed on bitcoin-dev mailing list an idea for a transitory soft fork activation e.g. for CTV. The idea (if I understood correctly) was that the activation would come with inbuilt ...
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How do ANYPREVOUT and CTV compare when considering how useful they are for vault designs?

What is the latest state of vault research on how useful SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUT and OP_CTV are with regards to existing vault designs? Are new alternatives e.g. TapleafUpdateVerify (TLUV) currently ...
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How do eltoo channel constructions using ANYPREVOUT compare to those using CTV and CSFS?

SIGHASH_ANYPREVOUT has been designed as I understand primarily for the eltoo channel construction use case although it has many other potential use cases too. BIP 119 states: Were both ...
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How has the design of the opcode OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY evolved over its various renames?

OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY (BIP 119) has gone through various iterations. I don't particularly find the renames at all interesting (e.g. OP_CHECKOUTPUTSHASHVERIFY, OP_SECURETHEBAG) but I am interested in ...
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What are the differences between the Minsc and Sapio high level scripting languages?

Both Minsc and Sapio are high level scripting languages that compile down to Miniscript. What are the differences between the two? When should I use one over the other?
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Is there anything specific to the design of the Sapio language that makes it well suited to writing covenant scripts?

I think I understand at a high level the goals of both CheckTemplateVerify (CTV, BIP 119) and the Sapio language. Is there anything specific to the design of the Sapio language that makes it well ...
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How is OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY a scaling solution

I was wondering about OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY or OP_SECURETHEBAG as it was previously called. As far as I understand it you can commit on how to spend the coins later this way. But it doesn't enable ...
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