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How to interpret BIP21 URI with `amount` specified twice?

BIP21 includes the following grammar rule: bitcoinparam = [ amountparam / labelparam / messageparam / otherparam / reqparam ] I'm not sure if this grammar rule allows to specify amountparam ...
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Can we pass amount of BTC in generating QR code?

Please refer to the title of my question. This is how I am generating QR code in PHP: I want user to just scan and pay the ...
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Do BIP21 URIs have a required order for the parameters?

I need some help understanding a finer point of BIP21 URIs. Is there a required order for the parameters? I'm not very experienced with the concept of ABNF grammar, so I'm having trouble understanding....
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Custom Payment Gateway UX Help (in app purchases)

I have built a very basic custom payment gateway that accepts Bitcoin. I am running a Bitcoin Core node in a Docker container. I have a backend web service that sends rpc calls to this node to read / ...
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Why do bitcoin: URLs not use "//", breaking "clickability"?

I want to have something like this in a plaintext e-mail: Pay directly: bitcoin:addresshere?amount=0.001&label=Blablabla&message=Blablabla But if I do that, it won't be "clickable", ...
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Can I print my public key using a custom logo?

qrycode monkey allows me to print a qr code with my company's logo in the middle. Q: Can I do the same for our public key?
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how to convert URI into Bip21

i am trying to convert the URI into BIP21 currently i am generating URI from bitcoinj library, but i want it to be on BIP21 Standard. i have read many articles but didn't found any solution
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Understanding the receive tab in electrum

I've downloaded Electrum and have successfully transferred my first small amount of bitcoin to my wallet (after purchasing some through an exchange). I used the receiving address (by copy pasting it ...
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Would it be possible to pay from the Blockchain app to a Coinbase app in a restaurant?

I walk into a restaurant that accepts bitcoins and pull out my phone with a blockchain app to pay with, the waitress then shows me a phone with coinbase app to pay to.. Are there any issues with ...
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How does a request link work?

When I share an request as a link it can look like this: bitcoin:1474awqSNomvEjS2vPv4Pueq3WkrMaEFfP?amount=1 I've got some basic questions about request link: Is just my address and the value sent ...
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bitcoin:uri for sending payments to multiple addresses

Lets say I want a donate bitcoin button/QR code to send to multiple recipients in different ratios. As in send 50% to wallet 1. Send 25% to wallet 2. Send 25% to wallet 3. Is there any way to do ...
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Does the bitcoin URI message parameter have character limits?

Is there a limit to how many characters are allowed in the message parameter of a BIP21 URI? I tried searching on the subject, but found nothing about it.
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Correct syntax for Bitcoin URI: bitcoin://1xxx-etc or bitcoin:1xxx-etc?

To make clickable Bitcoin links, to let people easily pay from their wallet, I see two formats being used in various situations: bitcoin:14bTZTm1uX2uVAqHr62oyGFEkwy2mNLbVb?amount=0.25 and bitcoin://...
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Is the bicoin: URI scheme an URL scheme as well?

Hi given that bitcoin:1335STSwu9hST4vcMRppEPgENMHD2r1REK is a valid URI. Is it a valid URL (locator!) as well? I tend to say yes when I compare sending bitcoins to a bitcoin: URI with sending mails to ...
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Can I pass values over a bitcoin bip 70 URI?

is it possible to add arguments such as BTC amount to a bip 70 URI, something like: bitcoin:?r= I already tried with the backwards compatible URI: ...
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Is it possible to create a Bitcoin URI with multiple outputs?

The Bitcoin URI scheme allows for the creation of single-click payment request, using the format bitcoin:<address>&amount=<amount> such as bitcoin:1AzGoMQfrQ7fYaE12dAvEVkke8111rxwCm&...
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Is there a way to specify an invoice ID in Ripple URI? [closed]

In Ripple payment transactions we can specify an invoice ID that is used to make payments for a particular invoice. Is there a way to specify such an invoice ID in Ripple's URI scheme?
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Bitcoin URL scheme

What is the URL scheme that is used by Bitcoin to copy transaction information directly into the client? Which versions of Bitcoin clients support it?
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