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Is there a comprehensive list of registered BIP43 purposes?

Where can I find a comprehensive list of all proposed and/or used "purposes" as defined in BIP43? So far I could only find these: 44: BIP-0044: Multi-Account Hierarchy for Deterministic Wallets 45: ...
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Is there such a bip32 function?

I have this code: const bip32 = utils.BIP32Factory(utils.ecc) const mnemonic = utils.bip39.generateMnemonic(256); const seed = utils.bip39.mnemonicToSeedSync(mnemonic); const masterNode = bip32....
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BIP44 Account Discovery using Bitcoin Core

I have an address I suspect that I generated after I made a backup of wallet.dat, and I read about account discovery in BIP44. Does Bitcoin Core support this, and if so, how can I initiate it? I’d ...
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Do invalid keys in BIP44 path matter?

I understand not all private keys are usable as they fall outside of Secp256k1, but do they really matter when the master node or path being derived in BIP44 generates a private key which isn't usable ...
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bitcoinjs-lib seems to skip a step in deriving addresses from a BIP 44 wallet

According to this wiki page to create a bitcoin address, 1) you have your public key of the properly derived path 2) Then SHA256 it 3) Then RIPEMD-160 it, Add version byte at the front and boom ...
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faster way to get bip44 address from mnemonic?

Long story short my 12 word seed phrase has a passphrase and I forgot the order. So I did all the permutations of the 12 words to find the valid ones (29939407). So the script below is my way of ...
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Does the used standard (BIP44, BIP49, BIP84) define the type of addresses used?

I have a few questions regarding wallets and BIP44/49/89 standards. In many places I found that BIP44 is used for traditional addresses (P2PKH) and that the path is m/44'/.... Also, if we want another ...
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How does Ed25519 fit in with BIP32/44 HD wallet paths?

From my understanding, BIP39/32/44 all use the secp256k1 elliptic curve standard from Bitcoin. But I noticed that cryptos such as Polkadot and Cardano have their own registered coin type path for ...
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When a BIP44 XPUB and one of its descendant keys get leaked, what's the worst that can happen?

I understand that BIP44 has one edge case vulnerability where if a hacker gets his hands on an Xpub and a private key from its descendants, he can compute the Xprv pair of the original Xpub and ...
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undefined is not an object error when adding BIP39 to React Native

I have a React Native Project and it was worked correctly till I added bip39 package to the project. when i try to require bip39 in my component i get the below error. undefined is not an object (...
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Custom derivation path

Instead of using bip32 or bip44 paths what if I use a custom derivation path, For example: m/0/0/55/1/1/0 I am thinking even if the private key is exposed then can someone guess the derivation path ?...
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How can i switch from BIP32 to BIP44 using bitcoinj

i am working on a wallet that is using BIP32 for creating Accounts, addresses, xpub, public keys, transaction and etc. but now i want to switch from BIP32 to BIP 44. how can i do this using bitcoinj i ...
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