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Reusable Payment Codes for Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets

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What does it mean for an integer to be a member of secp256k1 group?

I'm reading the spending section of BIP47: Alice calculates a scalar shared secret using the x value of S: s = SHA256(Sx). If the value of s is not in the secp256k1 group, Alice MUST increment the ...
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BIP 47: Bob's first receive address?

I'm trying to create Bob's first receive (ephemeral) address according to the BIP 47 spec after the Notification Transaction has taken place, which I believe to be: ...
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How can one sign a message to prove ownership of a BIP47 reusable payment code?

Is there a way to sign a message and prove that an entity owns a BIP47 reusable payment code? How can this be done via js if available?
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How does a transaction using a Bitcoin payment code BIP 47 look like on the blockchain?

Having that payment code addresses are untracable, how does a transaction look like in a block explorer if someone sends a payment to a reusable payment code?
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How do Reusable Payment Codes work?

I've recently heard about "Reusable Payment Codes" (BIP 47), and it sounds like a great feature, except that I couldn't find a simple explanation of how they work. Can anybody explain them please?
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Testing BIP47 test vectors

BIP47 is a new secret-sharing protocol which succeeds BIP64 (stealth addresses). The test vectors are here. I am stuck on part 2.iv. We multiply S0 = B0 * a0 (...
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