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July 2015 forks and SPV mining: Why did F2Pool and AntPool mine an unverfied chain for so long?

I've been trying to understand what exactly happened in July 2015. Specifically, I can't figure out why F2Pool and AntPool mined for so long (~1 hour) on an unverified chain? According to blockchain....
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Why was the Oct 2015 Transaction Malleability event possible in spite of BIP62/66?

The recent re-emergence of transaction malleability has been responsible for a large number of Txs which are being double spent (October 2015). /r/Bitcoin has posted some C++ code which @amaclin has ...
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15 votes
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What is SPV mining, and how did it (inadvertently) cause the fork after BIP66 was activated?

I'm curious to hear an in-depth explanation of the hard fork and how it was caused; I've heard/read a great deal but I'm lacking a cohesive explanation.
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When did BIP66 switch from activation to enforcement?

Recently, BIP66 switched from activation (miners enforce rules within block) to enforcement (network enforces rules on all blocks). I'm having trouble figuring out when this happened, or on what ...
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