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Differences between types of paper wallets at

What are the differences between the different types of paper wallets offered at I think the same question applies for the paper wallets offered at On ...
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254 views - How does it use random mouse movement?

I am reviewing I have downloaded the code from Github. I see first screen they show is to increase randomness on the private key generated. I am trying to figure it out ...
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Can you generate password from a decrypted and encrypted bip38 keys?

I made 5 bip38 wallets on all with the same password. all the keys generated started with number 6. I loaded bitcoin on to each of these addresses , and later decrypted one of them ...
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Novice has wallet with .08 BTC in it... how can i exchange them for a fiat currency?

I have the wallet ID and the private key. My wallet contains a fraction of one bitcoin from a single transaction in 2014. I made an account at, but I'm unable to import my wallet into ...
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Electrum & BitAddress Wallets Creation

Can anyone please tell me if my procedure is correct and enough. I've always heard and read that I must disconnect from the internet when creating Electrum Wallets, to keep away from hacks, viruses, ...
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