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Questions about Bitcoin Classic are off topic. For questions relating to Bitcoin Classic. Bitcoin Classic was a hardfork proposal that advocated for a blocksize increase to be activated with 75% hashrate support. Later, Bitcoin Classic maintained an alternative implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. It was recently discontinued altogether. For mainstream Bitcoin questions use the [Bitcoin] tag instead.

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How can I run bitcoind and bitcoinclassicd on the same server? [closed]

I want to run full nodes for Bitcoin (bitcoind) and Bitcoin cash (bitcoinclassic). Here are the commands I'm using to run these nodes (I've renamed bitcoin classic tools to bitcoinclassic* and moved ...
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Is Bitcoin Cash the same as Bitcoin classic?

Sorry for the dumb question. I am confused to the status of Bitcoin classic. There is a lot of support for Cash on the Classic website which leads me to think they are the same. Also I see more news ...
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Unable to remove bitcoins from watch-only address [closed]

I'm new to bitcoin and my situation is this: I installed Bitcoin Classic wallet, then sent bitcoins to it from Coinbase before the entire blockchain was finished syncing. The transaction timed out and ...
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How do I reward a miner who made a block I like?

Some decisions miners make are reflected in the blocks they solve. Is it possible to send those miners some extra BTC without knowing who they are? It seems obvious that you could just send some ...
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What is the reason for the recent drop in Bitcoin classic nodes?

Was it just a VPS based ploy to temporarily fake demand for the protocol?
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Version bits: Why did BitcoinXT choose to set THREE bits to 1 (0x20000007) to flag BIP101?

I understand the BIP9 version bits base is 0x20000000 because the BIP specifies that the first three bits must be 001 Bitcoin Classic adds one more "on" bit 0011... to make 0x30000000 Why did ...
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How can you tell a block is Classic vs Core?

Sites like are tracking which versions of Bitcoin software are being used to create blocks. Where are they looking in the block structure to determine which software version ...
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Is Bitcoin Classic binary-compatible with Bitcoin Core?

I have three full-nodes running Core 0.12.0 that I'm considering moving over to Classic. Am I right in thinking that Classic is binary-compatible with an existing blockchain download? Would I be ...
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Why would increasing the Bitcoin block size lead to a more centralised system?

Why does Bitcoin Core contributor Peter Todd think that increasing the Bitcoin block size would lead to a more centralised system? “The system doesn’t scale, and you just have to accept that and do ...
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Does the node count reflect the mining power support of different Bitcoin versions?

In the current Bitcoin blocksize debate, shows a pie chart of nodes running different implementations of Bitcoin; Classic, XT and Unlimited, etc. Does this node count in any way reflect ...
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Is the 21 Bitcoin computer using Core or Classic?

The 21 Bitcoin computer is using Core, right? I can't find any information that says otherwise. Can someone please confirm this for me though?
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Should I buy my Bitcoins now before a 2016 fork happens with Classic vs Core?

Having read about the the fight of Core vs Classic and the potential of a fork happening. I have a few questions concerning what would happen when a fork happens. I feel its inevitable a fork will ...
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3 votes
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What are some essential features of Bitcoin classic?

I already know about the 2MB block size increase. I would like to know more about who controls the code base, what the other proposed changes are, and those kinds of things.
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