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3 answers

Do any ETFs purchase Bitcoins? Is that scenario possible?

Is there any ETF that allows for the purchase of Bitcoins? Is this possible? More info... An ETF is like a stock that is publicly traded on the stock market, and it can represent: A collection ...
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What are the Pros/Cons of investing in the Bitcoin ETF vs. bitcoins yourself?

Hypothetically, the Winklevoss ETF is approved tomorrow, 3/10/17. The ETF price, which starts at $100/share, will correlate directly with the price of Bitcoin, I assume. What would be some pros/cons ...
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2 answers

How will a bitcoin ETF be any different from a bitcoin exchange?

The W.Twins bitcoin ETF/trust stock can be converted to real bitcoins. This means that we can buy $100 worth of stock and convert it to maybe 0.5 BTC depending on the current rate. And we can buy 0.5 ...
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Why does GBTC frequently not track Bitcoin's price?

As far as I know, the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (symbol GBTC) is currently the closest thing on the market to a Bitcoin ETF. According to their web page, the investment objective of the ...
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is bitcoin stability by securitization possible?

Bitcoin is subject to high volatility with little means of hedging. The available ways of hedging being to be short or buy puts on VERY ILLIQUID exchanges that contain no market participants, no ...
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Why did the SEC deny the attempt to list the Winklevoss' Bitcoin ETF?

What were the reasons for the SEC to deny the ETF?
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2 answers

How does Bitcoin ETF is different from normal cryptocurrency investments?

I know ETF is a basket of securities which fund managers buys and then sell it to investors which contains percentage of each securities but in case of bitcoin ETF how does it operate since it contain ...
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What was the reason when Bitcoin was $33,000, GBTC was about $33, but now Bitcoin is $54,000, and GBTC is $43? [closed]

I did see the question Why does GBTC frequently not track Bitcoin's price?, but exactly what happened when Jan 2021, Bitcoin was about $33,000 and GBTC was $33, and now (Apr 30, 2021) Bitcoin is $54,...
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Cathie Wood "Bitcoin not suitable for ETFs" - why?

Cathie Wood of ARK Invest is quoted in a Bloomberg article: Wood was a believer in Bitcoin, too, and it powered some of the early gains in her funds. But after discovering an adverse tax rule, Ark ...
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Bitcoin ETF - Press releases

On 11th of March 2017 the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision will decide whether the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) will be approved or not. The decision will almost certainly have massive ...
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Does cryptocurrency ETF use block-chain technology?

As you know, one of these days trends is cryptocurrency ETFs that the CES doesn't approve it yet. But there are some questions about them and their functioning. Is it necessary to build them over ...
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How to study BTC ETFs?

Dears, I have read a bit about BTC ETFs, but I am still quite lost in understanding this subject. I would like to know of someone could give me more information about this. For instance, let's take ...
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