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Is there a public repository/api of coin/token logos

I am developing an cryptocoins related app and I would like to display cryptocoin logos there for all coins available for trade. Is there an API out just a publicly accessible repository that would ...
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Bitcoin logo license and can i use it?

Can i use Bitcoin sign to create logo? I can not find any resource that says it's not protected. For example uses Bitcoin sign in they logo. I heard it's licensed with CC ...
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1 vote
2 answers

What is this 3d design of Bitcoin?

Lots of places online have a ray-traced, photorealistic image of an elaborate Bitcoin mint of the same design: What is ...
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Logo: "Bitcoin accepted" but not "here"

One can find lots of logos on the internet that say "Bitcoin accepted here". In some contexts, including, but not limited to, selling things over the internet, it seems appropriate to omit that last ...
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Bitcoin logo in LaTeX?

Is there a fairly simple way to include a standard-looking but not too elaborate "Bitcoin accepted here" logo in a LaTeX document?
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