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A BSV transaction I sent to myself was replay attacked on BCH. How do I recover my BCH? [closed]

I wanted to empty out an old paper wallet that still had a small amount of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. I set up a new Coinomi Wallet (because it has all the bitcoin forks) and sweeped the ...
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What are the main technical differences between Bitcoin-core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV) [closed]

What are the main technical differences between Bitcoin-core (BTC), Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? At what block number did the fork take place? Do they integrate Segwit/Taproot? What ...
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What is Bitcoin SV? [closed]

I was wondering what the difference between Bitcoin SV was from Bitcoin (BTC). And what, then, is Bitcoin Core? What are the main things that differentiate the two? Why is BSV the scam and BTC not a ...
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Split BCH out of BTC and then BSV out of BCH? [closed]

I have an old Bitcoin wallet from before the BCH split. I think I can still split the BCH out of it, but then would I be able to split the BSV out of these BCH? If that's possible, is there a special ...
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getheaders request being ignored by peers [closed]

It seems my 'getheaders' request is being ignored by peers. I've followed the implementation: without success. If I change it to 'getblocks'...
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How to send a 100KB OP_RETURN? [closed]

I'm trying to send an OP_RETURN transaction, and the program says that I can't do it because it is over 80 bytes. I would like to send a transaction using OP_RETURN that stores data. There is a site ...
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Why are my Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash commands not working on SV? [closed]

Just trying to run some pretty simple commands on an SV node. Why am I getting this? ey@BitcoinSV:~$ bitcoind -testnet bitcoind: command not found
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I have a Bitcoin ABC full node. How do I split off Bitcoin SV?

I have some BCH in a Bitcoin ABC full node, which is currently running 0.18.5. I want to obtain the corresponding Bitcoin SV without spending on both chains at the same time and losing the BSV. I am ...