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Double Your Bitcoin In 24 Hours is it possible or true? [closed]

is double your bitcoin in 24 hours company is legit company? actually i am using continue to invest on it and each time they provide me payout but my question is this is this is a legit system? is ...'s user avatar
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Version bits: Why did BitcoinXT choose to set THREE bits to 1 (0x20000007) to flag BIP101?

I understand the BIP9 version bits base is 0x20000000 because the BIP specifies that the first three bits must be 001 Bitcoin Classic adds one more "on" bit 0011... to make 0x30000000 Why did ...
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Paranoid Merchants on double spending [closed]

How can merchants be alerted of Double-spending attacks? Let us take a hypothetical case where a merchant offer a BTC deposit wallet to his users, User deposits Bitcoins and it's credited to his ...
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What am I doing wrong with my BitcoinXT test net setup?

I installed bitcoind and bitcoin-cli, set the configuration file so that I am using test-net and requested funds from TP's TestNet Faucet. The funds never appeared in my account. I thought at first ...
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Are there drawbacks to the Thin Block patch?

Mike Hearn talked about a patch he applied to BitcoinXT recently in his AMA: I posted a patch last week that makes XT download blocks as lists of hashes instead of duplicating the transaction data, ...
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What is bitcoin core developers solution to the increasing number of transactions?

I was reading that BitcoinXT is created to increase the blocksize to accommodate increasing transaction volume, but bitcoin core developers were against to it as it make the currency more centralized. ...
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Can I upgrade the software on Cointerra TerraMiner IV?

I got in to bitcoin mining about a year ago by purchasing a used Cointerra TerraMiner IV. The price of bitcoin was higher than the electricity cost to run the machine. I don't know a lot about the ...
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What will happen to my bitcoin if both Core and XT remain indefinitely?

I have some bitcoin in wallets and online accounts in multiple places. What will happen to this bitcoin if both Core and XT remain indefinitely? Will I own twice as much bitcoin, just in two different ...
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What is the impact of Bitcoin XT fork on current Bitcoin holders?

I was reading that there was disagreement on the block size limit and Bitcoin has been forked to Bitcoin XT? With two different flavors of the software running, which might result in two different ...
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Should I be running Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin-XT?

I just read about Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin-XT, and I want to know what is the difference between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin-XT? And which is better Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin-XT?
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How do I migrate to Bitcoin XT from Bitcoin Core?

Some people are saying Bitcoin XT is faster and more secure, but I don't know how to migrate from Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin XT, because I have all my coins on Bitcoin Core. What are the steps I need to ...
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