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getting private key from Bitcoin Core wallet [duplicate]

I need priv key for my soft, but I faced with such problem: Only legacy wallets are supported by this command (code -4) How to change wallet type (I think root of problem is it) or how to fix this ...
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Can't open bitcoin-qt GUI on Raspberry Pi

I installed the latest bitcoin node on my Raspberry Pi 4 following this guide: Everything went well, only the last step where you need to start the ...
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Understanding network options in Bitcoin Core GUI

IIUC first proxy option highlighted with blue is same as using -proxy in bitcoin.conf and second proxy option highlighted with blue is same as using -onion in bitcoin.conf What is the use of ...
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How to get peer nodes information from bitcoin CLI?

I saw a feature called Node Window in the bitcoin GUI environment, that shows information about peer nodes, like User-Agent, Received (Data), Sent (Data), Ip, etc. How do I can get such information ...
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Does Bitcoin Core install well in PureOS following this tutorial?

I would like to install Bitcoin Core in PureOS distro. I was going to follow this tutorial: Will this work or do I need to take additional steps, like ...
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Payout address format has changed?

When I run bitcoin-qt, it sets up a default wallet. When I ask it for the recipient address for this wallet, I was expecting something like 1FGasdfasdfasdf123asdfasdf. However what it actually ...
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aftet sending btc with bitcoin core can i exit after wards?

I have bitcoin core installed on windows with full node running. If I send bitcoin do I need to wait its confirmation before exiting bitcoin core ? can I exit in seconds afterward will it be confirmed ...
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How do I build and review a Bitcoin Core GUI pull request?

I am a designer and I would like to start reviewing pull requests (PRs) in the Bitcoin Core GUI repository. How do I build the adjusted Bitcoin Core GUI in the pull request? I am used to just double ...
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When I try to download Bitcoin Core on MacOS it says "Apple cannot check it for malicious software"? Is it safe to download?

Brand new Mac Mini, latest macOS Catalina (10.15.6 (19G2021)), followed instructions on download page. Double click Bitcoin, and I get: “Bitcoin” can’t be opened ...
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What is the key differences between bitcoin-qt, bitcoin-cli, bitcoind, bitcoin rpc, and daemon?

Can someone please give a brief explanation on these? I'm getting very confused with the differences, and every tutorial article I read uses these terms interchangeably (I'm trying to set up a pruned ...
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What's the difference between bitcoind and bitcoin-qt? Different commands?

This is a multi-part question, mainly do to contradictory information from different articles. It's got me all confused. From my understanding, bitcoin-qt is just a GUI version of bitcoind - which ...
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Bitcoin-Qt setup: Change block-chain file location, settings? documentation?

I am installing Bitcoin-Qt and have been reading about Bitcoin basics, but I found very little information on the client. I have a few questions about the Bitcoin-Qt program (v0.8.1-beta under Windows ...
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Where is the data folder for Bitcoin-Qt?

Where can I find the blockchain, wallet.dat, etc. on each of the operating systems Bitcoin-Qt supports?
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