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How do I post in BitcoinTalk?

I created an account with Bitcoin talk, logged in, and don't see any option to reply to existing threads or create new ones. I have the ability to "watch", "notify", etc. but I don't see an option ...
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How was bitcointalk attacked in Dec 2013?

There was a man-in-the-middle attack on bitcointalk on Dec 2013. News: If you used your password to login between 06:00 Dec 1 UTC and 20:00 UTC, then your password may have been captured in a ...
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Why can't I participate on

I just created an account and spend a frustrating hour reading help menus and trying to figure out how to post or reply to posts. None of the buttons -- New Topic, Reply, Quote -- seem to be showing ...
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How did Satoshi grow the Bitcoin community?

Is there an old record of Satoshi's first attempt of promoting Bitcoin? Did Satoshi had initial beta testers? What was Satoshi Nakomoto's marketing strategy? When I mean marketing as in from a ...
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What is the "Untrustworthy" tag on bitcointalk?

I just saw some people that were once labeled "Scammers" are now labeled "Untrustworthy" instead. Does anyone retain scammer tags, or was this a rename? Where was this discussed/announced?
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What was Satoshi's approach/sample code for implementation of web apps?

A quote from satoshi on the bitcointalk server, May 26 2010: I'm also recommending this approach for the implementation of web apps. I just posted some sample code showing a suggested way of ...
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Current probation period and rules

I see this, but don't understand and is a bit old Can't post on What are current probation rules/period? Is it true that you have to pay to participate on that ...
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Can't post on

I've done some research and understand that I'm supposed to post in a newbie forum and wait a while, as a newly registered user. But I can't seem to find the newbie forum. Does anyone know which top-...
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Cryptocompare Api - understanding API return values

I have come across the API from which fetches data from various exchanges. I do not understand the some values returned from the API call
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