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Missing Transaction on older Bither wallet on older computer

Please note I am not that technically savvy nor know that much about cryptocurrency. I am helping out a friend that (for disability reasons) cannot ask himself. My friend purchased and has bitcoin he ...
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Missing transaction in newly installed Bither wallet

On I learned about the Bither wallet. I installed it, created an HD account, and replenished the wallet sending to the address 19QpMgv2N2hSJNq6Nrkg1rzJ1Fc9s2Pjbf. As can be seen, the ...
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Private Key in HD Account Bither Watch Only

I have a watch only HD account in Bither and I've got a password of the wallet but I don't have a private Key. I need to send BTC received in that account to another address in another account
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Bither max transaction fee is 1mBTC per kb. I don't want a stalled transaction

I've had my BTC with Bither for awhile. Bither's max transaction fee is 1mBTC per kb. If i am doing my math right 1mBTC per kb = 100,000 Satoshis per kb. (100,000 Satoshis / 1024) = (97.65625 ...
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My Bither Hot Wallet

Purchased a Bither bitcoin machine and can't figure out how to work it. I keep getting bitcoins but don't know how to send them to my Coinbase wallet and therefore exchange them for cash. Help
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How can one unstuck an unconfirmed transaction with Bither?

I've sent a transaction with the Bither wallet, but accidentally included too little fee. I've since updated my wallet software, so it shouldn't happen again. However, what can I do to speed up the ...
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