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If I bought bitcoin in the early days in some exchange for $10, would it have been lost if I kept it in the exchange?

I just want to get some history perspective of Bitcoin. Say in the early days when Bitcoin was $1 or $10, if I decided, "ok, I may invest in US$3000 at the software startup I work for, but that ...
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Is there a way to transfer money from Dwolla to MtGox without paying BitInstant a 3.99% transaction fee?

I want to transfer some money from Dwolla to MtGox however I've noticed that MtGox's Dwolla account isn't working. I've tried transferring using BitInstant to my MtGox account directly and that works ...
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What is the daily transaction limit for Bitinstant?

I know that bitinstant limits individual trades to 3 digits or $999 per transaction, but they make no mention in their FAQ about the size of the daily limit they impose. I was wondering if anyone ...
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What is BitInstant's "spot" price when sending to BitCoin Address?

Bitinstant hasn't replied to my "contact us" and customer service emails - does anyone know why they do not post a current exchange rate on their page? Has anyone used BitInstant, funding from Dwolla ...
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Bitinstant order was processed, but is not showing in blockchain - did I screw up? [closed]

Did I do something wrong? Here's the output from the order status page: Quote ID a086c30f-04a2-491c-b616-88655077ea68 Event ID 8db863ac-c880-45ae-b96e-ed8ece6e1021 Fees (inclusive) 3.99%% ...
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Differences and similarities between Paymium, Mt.Gox,BitInstant and other major players, cryptocoins ? [closed]

I start exploring the Bitcoin world and I get confused concerning : who does what, different cryptocoins available, Any specific advantage to use one ? for example, no limit for transfer, low fee,......
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BitInstant "Bitcoin Address" option is down!

I want to cash deposit directly to my Bitcoin Address, but the option to do so has disappeared from BitInstant. Any ideas as to why? Do you think it'll ever be back?
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How do I access coins purchased at ZipZap using a moneygram?

I used a moneygram to purchase some Bitcoins. Using the information I got from ZipZap, I was able to get the address where the money was sent and through block explorer that it is there. I have the ...
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How do I pay for something anonymously from the UK using bitcoins?

I've seen the following guide but it's no good as I can't use bitinstant from the UK. Can someone recommend an alternative? Step 1. Download and install TOR Step 2. While using TOR create a Tormail ...
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