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Full listening node accessibility

I have a full listening node running on a linux machine. Bitcoin Core version 22.0.0 Listening on port 8333 bitcoin-cli -getinfo { "version": 220000, "blocks": 804061, "...
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Bitnodes check on .onion addr returns 403 Forbidden

Question on inbound connections. I am running via tor proxy and getting outbound connections. Node is running in pruned mode and is up to date. I manually created hidden service via torrc config file. ...
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Node Index is zero at bitnodes

I have been running Bitcoin Core on Gentoo for some time. The current version I’m running is v22.0.0. The node works well, ports are open and sees my node. So far so good. The problem is ...
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Is it bad practice to run full node with all Bitcoin P2P protocol optional services enabled?

I am running my full node /Satoshi:23.0.0/ with all optional services enabled. These are: NETWORK, BLOOM, WITNESS, COMPACT_FILTERS, and NETWORK_LIMITED. My bitcoin.conf file contains following entries:...
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How to reliably check if your bitcoin onion node is reachable as advertised?

If getpeerinfo returns a good number of outbound onion peers but none show up as inbound:true, how do you check if your node is properly reachable as advertised? Several guides and forum answers ...
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Discovering Bitcoin network topology

For a research I am doing I would love to have a graph with the network of reachable Bitcoin nodes. Active reachable nodes can be extracted by using getaddr messages (e.g. bitnodes project). However ...
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Bitnodes for node on testnet

I have used the bitnode's own script to install a full node on an Ubuntu 16.04 Digitalocean droplet. I can verify that my node is up and running by checking the IP with port 8333 on Bitnode's check ...
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My node is not showing on Bitnodes

I have a 0.16.3 Bitcoin Core wallet running. I have incoming transactions allowed and I have lots of incoming connections. However, I fail to see my node on the map of Bitnodes; it says it's ...
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What does "NODE_WITNESS (12)" mean as it is shown in

I'm running a pruned full node of bitcoin core version 0.14.0 and checking on I can see that my node was labelled "NODE_WITNESS (12)" unlike of the others nodes shown, ...
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How do I identify my IP address on bitnodes?

I have supposedly successfully setup a node using the Bitcoin core, but when I go to bitnodes to remotely see if the node is communicating with the network, bitnodes says i am unreachable. Bitcoin ...
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How do I use Bitnode API?

I just started running a full node and was wondering how to use these commands to verify my node: Specifically, what command line or IDE do I need to type these ...
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