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Is it possible to create smart contracts on Graphene?

I can't found any article on this, is it possible to create smart contracts inside the BitShares' blockchain Graphene? This is my necessity: I have to allow my users to purchase my products via ...
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How are 'Not Mineable ' cryptos able to verify transactions?

NEM, Stratis, BitShares are 'non mineable' cryptocurrencies. How do they verify transactions if there are no miners? Maybe nodes only? Or... what am I missing here? I ask because I assume with a non ...
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Buying stocks or bonds with bitcoin [duplicate]

Is it possible to buy stocks online with bitcoin.. the stocks listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and London Stock Exchange among others ?
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Can someone explain how does Bitshares market pegged assets work?

I'm reading up on Bitshares and they say they have market pegged assets that are linked to USD and Gold (BitUSD and BitGold) They say it holds a stable price and fluctuates somehow to make sure you ...
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How do I access the Bitshares that I received from my Protoshares "snapshot"

I have had some Protoshares for a while. At some point (according to my fuzzy memory) there was a "snapshot" which gave me the right to Bitshares. I still have access to my Protoshares wallet but ...
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